December 2022

Dear Friend,

The people of Ukraine have endured unimaginable trauma since last February. We hold them in our hearts.

The Foundation for Self Leadership has also organized a group of volunteer therapists to provide IFS-oriented, peer-to-peer counseling and support to Ukrainian psychotherapists. Our “IFS Healing Corps” will focus on the emotional needs of the caregivers, so often unmet, as they witness their clients’ suffering.

What’s more, this is a prototype for building psychological resilience among practitioners so they can, in turn, better address the mental health needs of communities in crisis. This strategy promises to yield a broad reach as each practitioner can go on to work with hundreds of individuals.

The effort in Ukraine is just one example of how the Foundation is working to address pressing societal issues—bringing emotional health and wellbeing to a world in need of both—by helping the helpers: the therapists, faith-leaders, advocates and educators working on the front lines to cultivate peace of mind within their spheres of influence.

These, and other, initiatives are possible only because those in the IFS community who understand the significance of this work also provide the charitable support that makes it possible.

With so many worthy charities reaching out this time of year, please consider the increased impact of your donation to our lean and effective organization.

Every gift goes a long way toward realizing the promise of Self leadership to heal even the most extreme burdens.

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With profound gratitude,

Toufic Hakim, PhD
Executive Director

PS. Read more about the Ukraine initiative in PARTS & SELF.