Invest in IFS Training Scholarships

It is our conviction that IFS can and should be accessible to individuals regardless of their financial capacities. We are committed to bringing IFS to underprivileged communities, where the need for emotional healing and well-being among couples and families is significant.

Reaching out to marginalized communities is important to us, hence our commitment to support scholarships of high-quality IFS trainings that are based on financial need. Our intended outcome is to make the use of IFS a common practice at mental health agencies within the U.S. and across the globe, private and public.

  • We will encourage junior and established practitioners, among them adopters of conventional therapies, to consider training in IFS, especially if they plan to serve such communities.
  • We will advocate for the teaching of IFS coursework at undergraduate and graduate programs in academic areas of relevance and provide related scholarship support.
  • Furthermore, we will offer IFS training scholarships to graduate students interested in conducting IFS-oriented research, especially those interested in research.

Therapists and Life Coaches Agree. Therapists and life coaches have embraced IFS because, as they often share, it makes them better therapists and coaches.

In a large survey of IFS-trained practitioners, nearly 85% stated that they use IFS all or most of the time. There was consensus that IFS is responsible for enhancing their professional fulfillment, leading to positive patient outcomes, and making their clinical practice effective overall — practitioners are better able through IFS to assist their clients, give them hope, and engage them in their own healing.

Dissemination of scholarships will be transparent and based on and expression of financial needs and professional interest. The Foundation’s Board will endeavor to support scholarships for workshops that prove of high training quality regardless of level or location of training.

Your financial contributions will bring new practitioners to IFS and take IFS to new communities.

Being aware of their own inner systems of parts, psychotherapists who adopt IFS in their practice become more mindful, more compassionate, and less triggered by their patients’ issues. With IFS in their toolbox, clinicians consistently relay they have gained a renewed love for their work and are even more committed to guiding their patients through the healing process.

Today, over 400 psychotherapists have undergone rigorous certification in the IFS model.

Thousands more have been intensively trained in the clinical treatment protocol to help alleviate trauma, depression, anxiety, and general addiction, among other mental health issues. We hope to help this base expand significantly across all geographies and demographics.

“IFS is the missing piece of the puzzle. It’s the best transformational technology available today. If everyone in the world were trained in the IFS model, the world would be a much better place.” ___Everett Considine, Certified IFS Practitioner