IFS Has Transformative Potential. Outside psychotherapy, practitioners who are exposed to the IFS model quickly understand its transformative powers and appreciate its elegant constructs.

IFS has been successfully introduced as a paradigm for self-awareness and a philosophy of mindful engagement to corporate board rooms and to coach executives and managers on more effective leadership and governance. It has been adopted as an approach for mediating among parties in conflict, addressing bullying in schools, and preparing prisoners to re-enter society.

Invest in IFS Advocacy

It is our conviction that IFS can be a valuable approach beyond psychotherapy.

We envision applications along a continuum for both individuals and organizations, with emotional healing on one end and overall well-being on the other. By focusing on the world within, we can together improve the world outside.

Through the IFS paradigm and wisdom of Self leadership, we can muster the calm and confidence to cultivate better relationships and healthy families, where joy is shared; institute more effective governance and more humane organizations, where creativity and productivity thrive; develop safer communities, where we embrace sensitivity and tolerance for each other; and co-exist on a peaceful planet, where empathy and care live unabated.

Beyond the individual, human interactions are critical in everything we do. To interact well with others requires serenity within. This is why the mindfulness movement is taking hold in the corporate world as critical for maintaining environments conducive to productivity. IFS Therapy is an accessible mindfulness model. The uplifting and calming attributes of the state of Self improve our human interactions as we tend to be less judging and have more compassion for ourselves and others. Within this context, IFS has broad applications in our daily lives and across human endeavors.

The Foundation will fund innovative applications that expand IFS far beyond the realm of psychotherapy into health coaching, business coaching, organizational development and governance, prisoners’ re-entry, legal mediation, and even peacemaking. We will invite and advocate for demonstration projects and studies in these areas, always inspiring growth for the model and remaining open to new directions.

“The workshop with Dick Schwartz was my introduction to IFS. What an accessible, intuitive, and non-threatening model! I am impressed and inspired by the breadth of its application on personal and professional levels.” __Deborah Jassem, Development Professional

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