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The Foundation for Self Leadership is inspired and driven by a far-reaching vision to facilitate deeper emotional, relational and societal healing and wellbeing across many sectors of our society (from professional settings to personal spaces).

Our priorities—producing empirical evidence on IFS through research, broadening access to IFS in traumatized communities, and engaging in public advocacy around IFS—remain key strategic directions for the path ahead:

1. The pilot study for a randomized clinical trial at the Harvard-affiliated Cambridge Health Alliance (Massachusetts, USA) concluded in 2022. Program Investigators are currently evaluating data on the effects of an IFS protocol for trauma as well as PTSD and comorbid substance abuse disorder. The full RCT will continue through 2023 with Friends of the Foundation providing the remaining $120,000 in funding.

2. The inaugural cohort of IFS Leadership Fellows convened late summer 2022. They are current and future leaders from BIPOC and LGBTQ+ communities. They have taken part in Level I training and extensive mentoring to expand their knowledge of IFS and capacity to take this back to their communities.

3. PARTS & SELF, a new online, open access magazine, published by the Foundation for Self Leadership, highlights thought-leadership and cutting-edge practices, sharing these resources with the international IFS community.


A Reflection on Phase 1 by Fatimah Finney, LMHC


In 2021, The Foundation for Self Leadership announced the launch of a new program to take IFS into historically marginalized communities. When asked to support this venture, the IFS community’s response was overwhelming. Thanks to that funding, the first cohort of Fellows participated in training through the IFS Institute (August 2022 - March 2023). Fatimah Finney, LMHC, IFSI Assistant Trainer shares her experience during this inaugural training. This special group was arguably the most broadly constituted cohort ever trained in IFS, given the wide range of lived experiences, professional backgrounds, and personal perspectives, and community-facing interests.

The Leadership Fellows program aims to identify dynamic community leaders who are impacting their communities and aid them with training in the IFS model to help deepen and catalyze the work they are doing for healing the world. The specific intention is to get the IFS model in the hands and hearts of leaders outside of the clinical, therapeutic field.

By design, the L1 training was different from a typical IFSI training as reflected in the participant pool that was made up of mostly people who work in non-clinical roles. Due to this, there was a need for creativity and flexibility for how to teach the model in a way that would be relevant to the environments where they work. Other differences include the level of experience with IFS amongst the participant pool. There were participants who were experiencing IFS for the first time, ones who were already trained in IFS at L1, and by the end of the training, others were trained in IFS Level 2. This was also mixed status group where some participants were Fellows and others were not. [Note: twelve applicants were not chosen as Fellows, but were included in the training on the strength of their applications and the philanthropic support of the IFS Institute]. Finally, there were key differences in the leadership team, with two assistant trainers and two lead trainers instead of one of each.

“I especially appreciate being part of the first version of this program to have the insight of what works well and what shouldn’t be replicated for future cohorts.”

—Fatimah Finney, LMHC, IFSI Assistant Trainer

My role in this program has been twofold. I worked with a team of trainers to bring the idea of the program into fruition through yearlong planning, application review, and selection. I also was one of the assistant trainers. Starting this training within the first six months of being in the role has been a gift. I have learned a great deal about how to develop content and teaching material in a flexible way and the importance of responding to needs as they arise and being willing to adapt to what’s needed in the group. I especially appreciate being part of the first version of this program to have the insight of what works well and what shouldn’t be replicated for future cohorts.

Naturally, there were lessons learned. The first lesson is the importance of timing. The nature of the IFS model is experiential and uses the individual’s experience as the training ground. While self-reflection and vulnerability are actions that many therapists are familiar with, it takes time for folks in different fields to connect with this methodology of learning. As such, the lesson is that doing the L1 later in the Fellowship program, after the cohort has had more time to meet and connect as people, may be a better option to support their ability to learn the model instead of starting with the L1 training. Another key lesson is ensuring the training group is a singular group - only fellows, no prior L1 training - to create a group free of layered dynamics. Finally, less is more when it comes to the leadership structure. While having four experienced trainers brings a wealth of knowledge to a group, it also may have made it difficult for the group to know who to look to and when for focus and guidance.

The Foundation is hosting a leadership-deepening experience for the Fellows (April through September 2023). This next phase is designed to guide the Fellows toward developing practical, IFS-oriented and community-facing plans of action to facilitate greater empowerment, higher equity, and deeper healing in their communities. The Foundation applauds all Fellows for their commitment to engage, their time invested in this effort, and persisting through a variety of challenges faced in this pilot effort. Deep gratitude to the IFS training team: Chris Burris, LMFT, Kathy Cox, LICSW, Requina Barnes, LICSW, Fatimah Finney, LMHC, and 13 Program Assistants.


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Thanks to the charitable donations during 2022 by the following individuals and organizations, we are that much closer to bringing IFS to the world. Take a look at the last decade of achievement made possible by support from the IFS community.

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Betty A. and D. Walter Cohen Foundation/
Joanne Cohen-Katz PhD and Jane Millner

Linda Fabe, MEd, LPCC

Frederick Thomas Giving Fund/Joy Shivas,

IFS Institute


Steven Roof


Leor Zolman and Lisa J. Gray


Fagen Family Fund/Lester Fagen, MA, JD

Helen Hernán

Instituto IFS Madrid

Molly LaCroix, MPH, LMFT

Vicki J. McCoy, MA

Tara Tussing Unverzagt, CFP, CFT-I, MBA


Brittany Bach*

Chris Burris, LPC, LMFT

Stephanie Choo

Maryann Connolly

Daphne Fatter, PhD, PLLC

Chicha Glass

Mark Gorman, MA, LPC and Melissa Gorman, MA, LPC*

Cathie Gum, PsyD*

Toufic Hakim, PhD and Robyn Rajs, MA,

Sarah Houy, LPC

Greater Philadelphia IFS Community

Rick Kahler, MS, CFP, CFT-I, CeFT

Susan Kazolias

Pamela Krause, LCSW

Carl Marcus, MS, MSS, LCSW and Karin Marcus, MA, PCC, BCC

Linda Marrical

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Patricia Rich Consulting LLC

Ted Riskin, LCSW

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Michelle A. Walsh, PhD, LICSW

Ayanna Williams

Marcie Wood


Mona Barbera, PhD

Vandy Bollinger, MEd, LCSW, LMHC

Frances Booth, LICSW

Nancy Bravman, LCSW

Liz Brenner, LICSW

Stewart Brown, PhD and Linda Brown

Gary Coleman*

Kathy Cox MSW, LICSW

Marcella Cox*

Ann Drouilhet, LMFT, LICSW

Dwight Ellard

Michele Fishel, LICSW and Barry Weisman

Gail and Jan Hardenbergh Sharing Fund/Gail Hardenbergh, LICSW

Healing Touch/Irina Diyankova, PhD*

Bruce Hersey

Suzanna Hillegass, RN, LCSW*

Brenda Hollingsworth, MSW, LICSW

Hughes Family Fund/Mike and Ginny Hughes

Laura Leslie, LCSW*

Lou Lukas, MD

Kirsten Lundeberg, LPC, LMFT

Lynne Federman Charitable Fund

Susan McConnell, MA, CHT

Tish Miller

Tammy Oliver*

Leslie Petruk, MA, LCHMC

Aaron Radden

Mike Rechtien*

Ronald Cobb Family Foundation/Janet Weathers, PsyD

Ann Semich

Faye Serene*

LaDonna Silva, MA, LMFT*

Jayne Smith, PhD, LPCC

Tammy Sollenberger

Nancy Sowell, MSW, LICSW

Lisa Spiegel, MA, LMHC

David Stern

Cece Sykes, LCSW, ACSW

Tom Uhlman Charitable Fund

Barb Torgerson

Fred van Welsem

Theresa Walsh Velendzas, MS*

Edward Yeats, PhD

Melissa Zych, EdD


Tamarra Aristilde-Calixte

Requina Barnes, LICSW

Jodie Benveniste

Nancy Berkowitz, PhD, RN-CS, NP

Karen Klein Berman, MEd, LCSW*

Ashley Blackwell, LPC, PLLC

Blair Barbour Charitable Fund/Blair Barbour, MSW, LCSW

Sabine Boots, MS, LMFT

Stacey Bridges*

Corey Busch, MA, LMFT*

Susan E. Cahill, MA, LCPC

Coy Chambers

Marta Chausée, MS*

Mitch Cohen

Greg Collins

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Donna Dallal-Ferne, MA, LMFT*

Jay Deeley

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Lucinda Flavelle, MA*

Richard Foster, MSW, LCSWR

Kelly Gaule, CAP*

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Carol Graybeal, MS, LSCW

Melissa Greenwell*

Flo Holt, MA, LPC

Molly Kellogg, LCSW

Beau Laviolette, LCSW

Pam Mackay

Daniel Moss, PhD

Teresa Ortiz, MSW, LCSW, CICSW*

Jason Parisella

Ilpa Patel, MPA

Sandy Phocas, MD

András Rátonyi*

Lynne Reveno, RN, CNS

Sue Richmond, LCSW

Lenoard Riskin, JD, LLM

Jonathan Rosado

Lisa Saile*

Guthrie Sayen, PhD

Rebecca Schamess

Jeri Schroeder

Marla Silverman, PhD

Leslie Joy Simmons, MA, LCPC

and Miles Simmons, MD

Jeremy and Melissa Smith

Jill Stanzler-Katz, LICSW

Jennifer Stapleton

Norma Stevens

Sarah Stewart, PsyD, PLLC*

Elizabeth Tener, MA, LICSW*

MeriLee Tippett

Prudence Tippins

Marilyn Unger-Riepe, MA, MSW, LICSW

Sandra VanderLinde*

Bonnie Weiss, MA, LCSW*

Gary Whited, PhD, LMFT

Kathy Wiener, MPA

Carol Wolf*

Sam Wolf

Jennifer Wortham, LCSW*

Tami Zak, MBA, MS*

Susan Zeichner


Katrina Appiah*

David Balvin

Christine Barckhoff

Judith M. Bourdeau

Arlene Brennan

Barbara Burkart, LMHC

Alexandra Christus

Laurie and PJ Curran

Rita Danna

Olga De Armas

Daniel Deutsch, MA, LMFT*

Wanda Dufrene, DDS

Mona Elleithee

Betsy Ern

Michael Fitzgerald, PhD*

Nancy Fowler

Kira Freed, MA, LPC*

Bette Galen, MSW, LCSW

Annika Garman

Judith Garrett

Gloria Gregerson*

Jeneen Hagerty

Michele Harmon-Gordon

Dorthea Harossowyc

Nancy Drayden Hebb

David Kessler*

Michael Kulch

Shirley Li

Kathleen and Armando Martins

Tammie Milliken*

Kasra Mirzaie

Mary Mitrovich

Arthur Mones, PhD

Kathleen Murtey*

Andrew Nitirouth

Barbara Perkins, MA

Michi Rose

Robyn Rosenthal

Sydney Scalici*

Lana Sendzimir

Emily Sheehan

Nicolas Simon

Koelle Simpson

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Katie Sweet

Saundra Tabet

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The Foundation for Self Leadership makes every effort to provide a complete and accurate list of donors and volunteers, and their professional credentials. If we have inadvertently omitted or misprinted your listing, please accept our sincere apologies and contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Tribute Gifts

The Foundation for Self Leadership gratefully received contributions in honor of the following individuals. These gifts embody the spirit these individuals who, each in their unique ways, contribute to making the world a better place.

Crystal and Stevie


Judy Bourdeau

Chris Burris

Daphne Fatter

Foundation Operating Team

Toufic Hakim, PhD

Sacha Mardou

Barbara Perkins

Richard C. Schwartz, PhD

John Ian Tiu

Robyn Rajs, MA, LPC

Felicity Rouw

Michelle A. Walsh, PhD, LICSW

Donor-advised Funds

Last year, numerous donors directed their support to the Foundation for Self Leadership through the following funds:

Alan Englander Trust


Amazon Smile

American Endowment Foundation

Black Hills Area Community Foundation

Bright Funds

Combined Jewish Philanthropies of Greater
Boston, Inc

Community Foundation of New Jersey

Fidelity Charitable

Network For Good

San Francisco Foundation

Schwab Charitable

Vanguard Charitable


The following individuals advanced the Foundation’s mission last year as volunteer Board members, IFS Leadership Fellowship advisors, Ukraine Relief Initiative facilitators and interpreters, webinar presenters, magazine proofreaders and social media influencers.

We are profoundly grateful for the time and talent each contributed to our strategic direction, outreach programs and operational projects.

Julie Abrams Faude, MA, PhD

Eugenia Acuña, MPHE, ACC

Cheryl Ades

Maria Akysonova

Tim Amaral

David Baird

Lorri Ballard

Sandy Barbo

Requina Barnes, LICSW

Ann-Katrin Bockmann, PhD, Dipl Psych, PT

Stewart Brown, PhD

Chris Burris LPC, LMFT

Raphaela Carrière, MSc, PhD, CCTP, NIP

Kathy Cox MSW, LICSW

Joanna Curry-Sartori, LMFT

Julia Demydova

Diane Devouge

Irina Diyankova, PhD

Liliya Drobit

Susan DuBay

Lester Fagen, JD

Jen Feasley

Fatimah Finney, LMHC

Steven Fitzgerald, MM

Kira Freed, MA, LPC

Kelly Gaule, CAP

Toufic Hakim, PhD

Christina Hampton

Matthias Hartmann

Neil Hawkes, DPhil

Marina Hazan

Melanie Herff

Brenda Hollingsworth, MSW, LICSW

Tom Holmes, MA, MSW, PhD

Sarah Houy, LPC

Sue Kazolias

Sady Kim-Singh, MSW, LCSW

Mary Kruger

Kateryna Kviatkovska

Karen Locke, MA

Maryna Lukashenko

Yulya Makarova

Olga Martiianova

Daria Matkowska

Tom McCann

Vicki J. McCoy, MA

Vira Mylogradova-Donchenko

Iryna Natalushko

Liliana Novikova

Yuliana Pavlyk

Pavel Pozniak

Chady Rahmé, Phd, LCP

Jon Rice, LCSW-R

Meredith Richardson

Anna Ropianyk

Amy Schaefer, MA

Yanina Seheda

Kathryn Serino, EdD

Shelley Shane

Lilia Shelug

Illia Shlenov

Anastasiia Shyroka

Jayne Smith, PhD, LPCC

Melissa Stevens

Olha Sushkevych

Vitalina Tarasenko

Laura Taylor

Jenny Thompson

Irina Tulovska

Jeni Tyson

Tara Tussing Unverzagt, CFP, CFT-I, MBA

Julia Varlakova

Kateryna Vashtalova

Theresa Walsh Velendzas, MS

Lilia Volodina

Viktoriya Volos

Victoria Vovk

Nic Wildes

Melissa Zych, EdD

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