Foundation for Self Leadership

Never before have we better understood the importance of leading from Self, with curiosity and compassion for ourselves and each other.

Thanks to steadfast and generous support from the IFS community, your Foundation for Self Leadership continued its endeavor to advance inner peace through IFS even (and especially) during a pandemic and historically turbulent year.

Members of the IFS community like you made this possible—some through shared expertise and volunteering, others through philanthropic support for timely initiatives. As a community, you provided leadership for new programs like innervention; you helped incubate and launch the Healing Corps; you sponsored IFS Gallery 35 in the 12th November issue of OUTLOOK; and you funded a new scientific study and expanded access to the IFS Model.




Thanks to the following individuals and organizations who made charitable donations during 2020, we are that much closer to bringing IFS to the world.

See what these gifts helped accomplish last year.

* Cornerstone Partners have committed their support for three consecutive years. Learn more.


Betty A. and D. Walter
Cohen Foundation/Joanne
Cohen-Katz, PhD

Frederick Thomas Giving
Fund/Joy Shivas, MSW, LCSW*

IFS Institute*


Hagit Zeev, MA, LMFT


Fagen Family Fund/Lester
Fagen, JD*

Michelle Glass*

Vicki J McCoy, MA

New England Foundation
for the Arts

Shepard Family Foundation/
Lee Shepard, MBA*


Richard Abrams

Mark Gorman, LPC and
Melissa Gorman, MA, LPC*

Toufic Hakim, PhD and
Robyn Rajs, MA, LPC*

Brenda Hollingsworth,

IFS Great Lakes Retreat*

Pamela Krause, LCSW*

Carl Marcus, MS, MSS, LCSW
and Karin Marcus, MA, PCC, BCC*

Jim Mulroy*

Jayne Smith, PhD, LPC-C*


Amazon Smile

Frank Anderson, MD*

Mona Barbera, PhD*

Patrick Baum

Nancy Bravman, LCSW*

Liz Brenner, LICSW

Doris Cameron, LICSW*

Dave Cantor, LMFT, JD

Elaine Casquarelli, PhD, LPCC

Greg Collins*

Randi Cutler, LMFT*

Elizabeth Doyne, PhD

Ann Drouilhet, LMFT, LICSW*

Jay Earley, PhD

Michael Elkin, MA, LMFT
and Judith Black

Joy Freeman, DC

Paul Ginter, EdD*

Chicha Glass

Cathie Gum, PsyD*

Gail Hardenbergh, LICSW*

Suzanna Hillegass, RN, LCSW

Tom Holmes, MA, MSW, PhD

Flo Holt, MA, LPC

Anna Huckabee Tull, MA

Erika Jackson, MS, PCC, BCC

Kathleen R Johnson, MD

Shelly Johnson, LMHC

Molly LaCroix, MPH, LMFT

Beau Laviolette, LCSW

Laura Leslie, LCSW*

Sarah Levitt

Karen Locke, MA

Lou Lukas, MD

Kirsten Lundeberg, LPC, LMFT

Susan McConnell, MA, CHT

Kenneth McNeill, APPC

Dave Medeiros, LICSW

Kimberly Miller, MTh, LMFT

Bonnie Mioduchoski, MBA

Arthur Mones, PhD, ABPP*

North Atlantic Books

Teresa Ortiz, MSW, LCSW, CICSW*

Michéle Quesenberry*

Glenn Reinl, CPA and
Sara Kresbach*

Patricia Rich, LCSW*

Jenna Riemersma, MA, LPC

Ted Riskin, LCSW*

Ronald Cobb Family Foundation/Janet Weathers, PsyD*

Lawrence Rosenberg, PhD*

Jonathan Rubenstein, MA*

Sharon Sargent Eckstein

Richard Schwartz, PhD and Jeanne Catanzaro, PhD

Marcee Sherrill

LaDonna Silva, MA, LMFT*

Lisa Spiegel, MA, LMHC

Elissa Stein, MA, LMFT, LPC*

Sarah Stewart, PsyD

Martha Sweezy, PhD, LICSW

Cynthia Sykes, LCSW, ACSW

Fred van Welsem*

Bonnie Weiss, MA, LCSW

Dave Williams, JD, LMFT

Julie Zakreski, PhD


Blair Barbour, MSW, LCSW

Requina Barnes, LICSW

Nancy Berkowitz, PhD, RN-CS, NP*

Karen Klein Berman, LCSW*

Vandy Bollinger, MEd, LCSW, LMHC

Sabine Boots, MS, LMFT*

Scott Brewster

Linda Culpepper

Donna Dallal-Ferne, LMFT

Isabel d’Arenberg

Audrey Davidheiser, PhD

Lia DeLand, MS, LCMHC*

Daniel Deutsch, MA, LMFT*

Rina Dubin, EdD

Linda Fabe, MEd, LPCC

Kira Freed, MA, BCC, LPC (Ret)*

Full Circle Counseling/

Katherine Pomeroy, LMFT

Bette Galen, MSW, LCSW*

Kelly Gaule, CAP*

Shelley Hartz, RN, MSN
and Rob Hartz*

Neil Hawkes, DPhil

Hudner Hobbs, MD

Karen Jacobs, MA

Joan Marttila

Vivie Mayer

Mark Milton*

Miki Morimoto, MD*

Ilpa Patel, MPA*

Harriet Pecot

Richard Podlesnik*

Lisa Saile*

Guthrie Sayen, PhD*

Martha Schlesinger, PhD

David and Nezi Schwartz

Marla Silverman, PhD

Leslie Joy Simmons, LCPC
and Miles Simmons, MD

Linda Singer

Meg Slivoskey, MS, LMFT

Allyn St. Lifer-Kooris, MEd,


Roxanne Strauss, LMFT

Marilyn Unger-Riepe, MA, MSW, LICSW

Joanne VanNest, PhD

Colleen West, MA, LMFT

Kathy Wiener, MPA*

Carol Wolf*

Edward Yeats, PhD*

Tami Zak, MBA, MS*


Susan Aeschbach, LICSW
and Neil Gladstone, LICSW*

Cheryl Bonder

Nancy Bookbinder

Marta Chausée, MS*

Kevin Cheesebrough, Captain USN (Ret), PCC

Kelly Clancy, OTR/L, CHT, BCSI, LMT

Gary Coleman*

Catherine Cope*

Ocean Costelloe

Façade Interactive

Nancy Fader, MA, MFT

Lucinda Flavelle, MA*

Neil Gladstone

Tracy Gordon

Benjamin Cooley Hall, PsyD, MDiv

Emma Harper

Ken Hundert, MA

Elliott Locke

Kenneth Mackie, LCSW*

Mindee Marks

Elise Parsons

Paypal Giving Fund

Barbara Perkins, MA

Barbara Richford

Veda Rosenberg

Dana Rosenstein, LCSW-C
and Nancy Drayden Hebb*

Kathy Sattin

Rebecca Socia

Maureen Staley Cary, LMHC

Amy Tremain, MA, PsyD, LP

Andrew Viar*

Eve Wenger, MBA

Douglas Wessel

Jennifer Wheeldon

Gary Whited, PhD, LICSW*

Andreas Williams

Mitchell Wood, MDiv, LCSW

Jennifer Wortham, LCSW*

Yvette Yeager, MSW, LICSW
and Tom Bassarear, PhD*

June and Mike Zagury

Lukas Zillmer


Last year, numerous donors directed funds to the Foundation for Self Leadership from the following sponsors.

Jewish Communal Fund

Fidelity Charitable San Francisco Foundation

Schwab Charitable U.S. Charitable Gift Trust


We gratefully received donations in tribute to the following individuals during 2020.


Frieda Goldman

Rabbi Glaser


Jeanne Catanzaro, PhD

Julie Clark

Rhoda Coleman

COVID Healthcare Workers

Gertrude Dubin

Toufic Hakim, PhD

IFS Schools Program

Brandon Kelly


Karen Locke

Theodore Imanuel Parsont

Deliah Rosel

Richard Schwartz, PhD

Elizabeth Seeger


The following individuals supported the Foundation’s work last year as volunteers. We are deeply grateful for the time and talent they contributed to outreach programs and operational projects. We thank them.

Chris Burris, LCMHCS, LMFT

Joanna Curry-Sartori, LMFT

Anne Eberhardt, Dipl. Psych.

Fatimah Finney, LMHC

Kira Freed, MA, BBC, LPC (ret.)

Jacqueline Germain, MS, ND

Brenda Hollingsworth, MSW, LCSW

Brian Jaudon

Kathy Johnson, MD

Seth Kopald, PhD

Kelly Kreutz, LICSW

Beau Laviolette, LCSW

Karen Locke, MA

Jenn Matheson, PhD, LMFT

Ray Mount, PhD

Amy Schaefer, MA

Nancy Sowell, MSW, LICSW

Anna Tansi, MS Org Psych.

Laura Taylor, JD

Theresa Velendzas, MS

Deran Young, LCSW

The Foundation for Self Leadership makes every effort to provide a complete and accurate list of donors and their professional credentials. If we have inadvertently omitted or misprinted your listing, please accept our sincere apologies and contact us at We will endeavor to make any pertinent changes to the web-based version of the report.

Contributors’ Circle

Sarah B. Stewart, PsyD, PLLC, IFS Institute Lead Trainer


I came into the field of psychology through a study of trauma and the phenomena of dissociation. So, the concept of multiple personalities was always there for me.

During an IFS retreat at Maya Tulum with Dick (Richard Schwartz, PhD,) and Barb (Barbara Cargill, MA, ADTR), I found IFS was the missing piece that pulled together my understanding. The spark of Self, interconnected with all beings, made sense to my experience of the world. It spoke to me deeply as a clinician, and a social justice and environmental activist.

Yet, for ideas to be accepted in psychotherapy, you have to have the scientific research to back it up. I think about the study by Nancy Sowell, MSW, LICSW. (Note: This study was the basis for the IFS Model inclusion in the SAMHSA, National Registry of Evidenced-Based Programs and Practices in 2015. Learn more at

I also believe in how much IFS gives us tools to work within ourselves and interpersonally, and that this is key to creating a fairer and more just world. When I learned about the work that Frank Anderson, MD, and the Foundation for Self Leadership was doing to fund research, I decided to support it. As a social justice advocate and an IFS Trainer, I also support the Foundation because of its efforts to make the Model accessible to all, not just those with the resources.

The Foundation’s work is close to my heart and so I give as generously as I can. I structured my donation as recurring monthly payments because that gives the Foundation a dependable stream of support to do its work. It’s not really about budgeting my finances as much as it is about wanting to give in a way that helps. That makes me feel like a true partner in the mission.

Learn more about recurring gifts:

Why do you support the Foundation’s work? Help inspire others by sharing your story. Please contact Barbara Perkins, MA, Senior Associate Director for Development & Communications, at


What We Accomplished Together in 2020

In addition to the Foundation’s continued efforts to engage with members of the community around incubating IFS-related ideas and projects, here are a few 2020 Foundation accomplishments that are worth singling out:

Funded the second year of a second IFS in Schools pilot project:

In 2019, the Foundation funded a two-year Self leadership development program for teachers, staff, and administrators at three schools in the Hartford, Connecticut area (USA). The program has continued through the pandemic and provided educators with invaluable inner resources to meet the moment.

$80,000 USD

Produced community-facing workshops and resources in response to urgent societal needs during COVID-19:

IFS practitioners partnered with the Foundation on several free, virtual programs—innervention, Legacy Burdens of Racism, The ABC’s of Healing with Nature, Healing CorpsTM—for those seeking inner strength, calm, and hope during a time of unprecedented crisis.

$15,000 USD

Implemented new and ongoing initiatives with lean infrastructure:

The Foundation continues to operate through a small team of dedicated staff and volunteers, demonstrating agility during a time of great opportunity and threat.

$134,640 USD or 18% of total expenses

Launched a randomized clinical trial on IFS as a treatment for PTSD, and with opioid use:

With 2/3 of the funding in-hand, an extensive research study began last summer at the Harvardaffiliated Cambridge Health Alliance Community Mental Health Center, Massachusetts (USA). The research will assess the effects of an IFS protocol for trauma and take a closer look at IFS as a treatment for individuals with PTSD and comorbid substance abuse disorder. Learn more..

$325,000 USD

Built community through communications and outreach:

The Foundation manages an expansive website, IFS writings database, and select social media platforms, and produces OUTLOOK magazine and OUTLOOK Shorts. These networks enable us to share information, showcase IFS-related stories and people, and deepen connections within the IFS community.

$40,000 USD

Contributors’ Circle

As an independent not-for-profit partner to IFS Institute, your Foundation for Self Leadership is an active member of the IFS community, working with you to bring Self leadership to the world.

This work is possible because of contributions from IFS practitioners, researchers, advocates, and clients like you. Through monthly gifts to the Annual Fund and multi-year pledges, your support is broadening access to IFS in schools, among the military and across underserved communities; and expanding rigorous IFS research and the gathering of empirical evidence.

For all of those who desire to give others the gift to discover their parts and lead from a place of Self, thank you.

Join us today at