Learning about IFS in graduate school is one way future psychotherapists are introduced to the model.

IFS Syllabi Samples

  By Cohen |  By Collins |  By Huebner |  By Warsh

A number of university faculty members have been teaching IFS courses and modules in graduate programs for many years, and a few have generously agreed to offer a sample syllabus to those who aspire to teach IFS in graduate programs.

Here, you will find materials from these instructors who invite you to examine and take inspiration from their teaching. Some programs offer entire courses on IFS, while others offer IFS modules within larger courses. We ask that you appropriately credit these professionals when using their materials for your own purposes. These syllabi should only be used to inform the development of future graduate courses on the IFS model.

We would like to thank the creators of these syllabi for generously submitting them for your professional use. Their expertise and creativity is admirable. Thank you to Profs. Ralph Cohen, PhD, LMFT; Bill Collins, PhD; Angela Huebner, PhD; and Robin Warsh, LICSW for contributing their intellectual property for others to benefit.