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A Bridge Between Us

A series of conversations beginning September 2021 to help rebuild civil dialogue during a time of increasing political and social divides.

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A series of free, online workshops and resources beginning May 2020 to support those especially impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

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innervening: Uncovering Legacy Burdens of Racism

A virtual panel, part of the “innervention” series developed during the 2020 Black Lives Matter movement, on how racism can be explained and addressed by using the IFS model of parts and Self and looking inwards.

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Taking Self to School

A conversation in September 2018 about what it would take to bring the IFS notions of Self and parts to teachers and, through them, to students.

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IFS Publications

The Foundation maintains an annotated database of IFS-related publications to assist researchers and professionals. This searchable list of extant literature on IFS is built, reviewed and annotated by a team of volunteers.

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IFS Syllabi

In pursuit of our mission to bring the practice of Self Leadership to the world, the Foundation has partnered with educators to provide sample syllabi to those who aspire to teach IFS in graduate programs.

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The 8 C’s of Self-leadership Wheel

Clarity. Compassionate. Courage. Confidence. Curiosity. Creativity. Calmness. Connectedness.

The wheel is a radar chart that can help clients, in any setting, recognize how much Self is available at any given moment.

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