The 57-item IFS Scale and a 25-item IFS Self Scale were developed by Lia DeLand, MS, in collaboration with IFS Founder, Richard Schwartz, PhD, and co-author, Dawn Strongin, PhD. The internal consistency of the IFS Scale is high, with a Cronbach's alpha of .98; internal consistencies of the 10 subscales range from .83 to .98 (DeLand, Strongin & Schwartz, 2006). More detailed information about the IFS Scale, including intended use, norms, interpretation, and publications, can be found at

While the IFS Scale is available to clinicians for a fee of $9.99 per use (utilizing PayPal or credit card), with profile results immediately available for interpretation, Ms. DeLand has graciously worked with the Foundation to create a process for making the IFS Scale, and the IFS Self Scale, available to researchers for research purposes and to those wishing to translate the IFS Scale for use in other languages. Chinese and Spanish translations are already being made available on the IFS Scale website.

Those granted access to the IFS Scale for these purposes, and anyone else who would like to support future grants for IFS research, are invited to donate to the DeLand Research Fund by selecting this cause on the Foundation's donation page

Feedback, suggestions, and questions are welcome, as is further research that would help to validate the IFS Scale. Please feel free to email Lia DeLand directly at and copy