Post-Doctoral IFS-based Research Fellowship

Those who know the IFS Model and its therapeutic applications can see the potential for widespread healing and wellbeing through the practice of Self Leadership.

One of the barriers to wider adoption is the need for more empirical evidence that IFS does indeed have measurable impact on depression, anxiety and trauma. Ten years ago, the Foundation for Self Leadership committed to expanding the scientific literature on IFS. For example, the study we funded in 2014 was published in a peer-reviewed journal in 2021.

We believe it is important to sustain such rigorous, independent IFS research. We expect this will help open doors for IFS: with behavioral health insurance companies, graduate programs in the help professions, and government agencies like the Veterans Administration.

Post-Doctoral IFS-based Research Fellowship

With this goal in mind, the Foundation for Self Leadership has established a post-doctoral research fellowship, which we have named the Richard C. Schwartz Research Fellowship to recognize Dick’s pioneering work.

  • Each named Fellow will be selected in partnership with the respective research institution.
  • Fellows will serve for two years each and the fellowship is planned to continue for a total of ten years.

This will accelerate the evolution of IFS as numerous research teams, seeded by the fellowship, go on to seek independent funding and publish papers.

The first fellow will join the Foundation-funded ongoing Randomized Control Trial at the Cambridge Health Alliance in September. That means we need to secure the $150,000 two-year stipend for the inaugural fellow (benchmarked to NIH standards).

We invite you to be part of this milestone by making a gift to the fellowship fund. Your contribution today will help sustain IFS research, in our pursuit of greater emotional healing for a world in need.