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Qualities of Self-leadership

Qualities of Self-leadership are now displayed in an aesthetically pleasing design on greeting cards, posters, and mugs. These products were designed to promote the power and promise of inner wisdom.

They make for good gifts, pretty reminders, or inspirational conversation starters.

They are available for purchase from the IFS store; under the Tools tab.

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Announcing the Global Take5 Campaign

Watching and playing sports can be emotionally engaging activities. Among youth in particular, such activities are valuable opportunities for developing overall composure and building emotional resilience in the face of adversity.

It is within this context that the Swiss-based foundation, Education 4 Peace, and the U.S.-based Foundation for Self Leadership (or in reverse order in the U.S.) are announcing the creation of the joint Take5 Campaign, a global initiative to promote emotional health and well-being through self-awareness.

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OUTLOOK October 2017

The Foundation is pleased to release the October 2017 Edition of OUTLOOK.

Read about how the notion of multiplicity-of-mind may make it to the big screen, how IFS is making it to teachers in Inner-City Schools, and how there is a need for kindness and IFS to help together soothe the immigrant experience.

Other community updates include the application of IFS in spirituality and global peace; use of IFS-based personality scale by therapists to help clients map and monitor their internal system; and promising research results of the efficacy of IFS in treating complex trauma.

 This issue of OUTLOOK also contains news regarding IFS in coaching, the new IFS Resource Database, and a number of Foundation's operational developments.

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OUTLOOK May 2018

The Foundation is pleased to release the May 2018 Edition of OUTLOOK.

Read about how IFS practitioners continue to build bridges and cross barriers, from treating opioid addictions to helping and providing support to refugees; about growing interest in the constructs of IFS in China; and about an emerging framework or IFS-inspired Self-led activism.

Other updates include the global expansion of IFS trainings, from China and Australia to Portugal; the publication of a new manual at the intersection of IFS and trauma-informed treatments for anxiety, depression, PTSD and substance abuse; and fun ways to brings IFS to kids' therapy. 

This issue of OUTLOOK contains other stories, a view of local IFS community engagement, and a number of Foundation's operational updates.

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