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OUTLOOK Shorts: May 8, 2018

Empower a thousand minds by bringing IFS to a teacher; IFS Paradigm and protocol are being promoted in academic settings: Four professors share their IFS syllabi.

OUTLOOK October 2017

The Foundation is pleased to release the October 2017 Edition of OUTLOOK.

Read about how the notion of multiplicity-of-mind may make it to the big screen, how IFS is making it to teachers in Inner-City Schools, and how there is a need for kindness and IFS to help together soothe the immigrant experience.

Other community updates include the application of IFS in spirituality and global peace; use of IFS-based personality scale by therapists to help clients map and monitor their internal system; and promising research results of the efficacy of IFS in treating complex trauma.

 This issue of OUTLOOK also contains news regarding IFS in coaching, the new IFS Resource Database, and a number of Foundation's operational developments.

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