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Public Enthusiasm for IFS Characterization in Inside Out

In June, two days before wide release of the movie Inside Out, a near-full theatre of IFS enthusiasts gathered for a special 3D pre-screening arranged by volunteers of the Foundation for Self Leadership and Disney*Pixar. Resounding approval for the movie’s compatibility with IFS was given both in applause and within thoughtful feedback during the post-viewing discussion. Hats off to Board Chairman Frank Anderson for contacting Pixar many months ago and to the well-organized volunteers who made this event happen.

In the wake of wide release, the film has inspired many articles related to the films relevance to IFS.

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Pre-screening of Disney-Pixar's "Inside Out" for the IFS community in Dedham, Massachusetts on June 17

In collaboration with the IFSNewEngland group, represented by Suzanne Hoffman, PsyD; Gail Hardenbergh, LICSW; and Fran Booth, LICSW (all Certified IFS Therapists), the Foundation will be hosting a prescreening event of this new animation in the Boston area on June 17 at 6:30pm at the Showcase Cinema de Lux at Legacy Place Theater, in Dedham, MA. A reception will follow the event. Please visit FoundationIFS.org and, for those in New England, check your emails for further details.

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Happy and peaceful holidays to you and yours

The Board of the Foundation for Self Leadership is inviting you to consider giving an end-of-year gift to the Foundation on behalf of advancing IFS research and advocacy within and beyond psychotherapy. We thank you if you have already donated; we’d love for you to consider placing the Foundation as one of your recipients of annual giving.

Your support will help examine and expand empirical evidence for IFS, especially in the treatment of traumatic experience and depression, and will help us bring IFS applications as a model for intrapersonal and interpersonal mindfulness to new realms.

Think of your contribution as an investment in IFS as much as it is a donation.

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Foundation for Self Leadership Launched

An open letter to the community from Founder Dick Schwartz and CSL Executive Director Jon Schwartz August 12, 2013

The Next 30 Years of IFS: Invitation and Announcement

Dear IFS Community, For 30 years, thanks to the significant efforts and contributions of many of you, IFS has broadened its reach within psychotherapy and beyond. For a fast-growing number of practitioners, IFS has become both their modality of choice for counseling clients, and a powerful paradigm for understanding the human psyche and advancing their own personal growth.

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OUTLOOK May 2015

The Foundation for Self Leadership's Board is pleased to share with you this news bulletin to keep you informed about progress and developments of interest.

We hope you find the contents meaningful to you. Thank you for your continued engagement to advance IFS research and advocacy.

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