In November 2017, the Foundation has proudly launched a yearlong pilot program at two urban middle schools in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, to teach teachers about notions of IFS. The immersion experience is designed to help teachers discover their own inner world, which will ultimately help them navigate their classrooms better, deal with stress and burnout more effectively, reinvigorate their professional work by feeling more centered and better about themselves, and, just as importantly, become better role models for their students.

The ultimate goal is to bring notions of inner Self and parts to children. If one teacher inspires the minds of 1,000 students over a teaching career, the Foundation’s goal is to inspire the minds of 1,000 teachers.

When they exhibit calm and composure in the face of challenging moments in the classroom, teachers will elicit curiosity from among their students. Using the language and lens of Self and parts is expected to set the tone in the classroom and inspire students to think and behavior differently when faced with conflict. The pilot program includes an independent evaluation effort. The objective of the evaluation is to observe progress and examine changes experienced by participating teachers and learn how such change may affect students’ thinking, behavior and even academic performance.

This page will include notable developments about the program.

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