In June, two days before wide release of the movie Inside Out, a near-full theatre of IFS enthusiasts gathered for a special 3D pre-screening arranged by volunteers of the Foundation for Self Leadership and Disney*Pixar. Resounding approval for the movie’s compatibility with IFS was given both in applause and within thoughtful feedback during the post-viewing discussion. Hats off to Board Chairman Frank Anderson for contacting Pixar many months ago and to the well-organized volunteers who made this event happen.

In the wake of wide release, the film has inspired many articles related to the films relevance to IFS.

In addition to Frank Anderson’s interviews with the Harvard Press and PESI, others are endorsing the benefits of both IFS and Inside Out. FromPsychologyToday and academic publishers to local newspapers and parental blogs, and a handful of IFS therapists, the movie is sparking conversations and ideas about IFS, bringing it more and more to the mainstream.