The Board of the Foundation for Self Leadership is inviting you to consider giving an end-of-year gift to the Foundation on behalf of advancing IFS research and advocacy within and beyond psychotherapy. We thank you if you have already donated; we’d love for you to consider placing the Foundation as one of your recipients of annual giving.

Your support will help examine and expand empirical evidence for IFS, especially in the treatment of traumatic experience and depression, and will help us bring IFS applications as a model for intrapersonal and interpersonal mindfulness to new realms.

Think of your contribution as an investment in IFS as much as it is a donation.

By gaining scientific credibility through the objectivity of independent statistical and high-tech imaging research, IFS will not only benefit our clients, be they individuals, couples or organizations, by promoting healing, well-being, and greater self-awareness; but will also—and quite significantly—benefit us directly as practitioners by expanding the visibility and recognition of IFS.

Please go to our new website and contribute what you can at Every dollar counts. Collectively, we can make a substantive difference; we are still short relative to our goal for our first full year. Please help bring us closer. The Board and the staff of CSL have generously given and encourage you to do the same. And, as we suggest at the end of this letter, please note that there are many ways to give.

Here are some updates and developments.

TO IFS CONFERENCE ATTENDEES. It was wonderful to see so many familiar faces at the IFS Annual Conference this year in Providence, RI. Thank you to all who attended the second annual Gala celebration and those who donated financially as well as volunteered their time. The Foundation’s presence is clear and the momentum created by the community to support its mission is palpable, and humbling.

ACHIEVEMENTS TO DATE. It is hard to believe that it has only been a year since we officially launched the Foundation for Self Leadership at the annual Conference in 2013. It has been a busy and productive year and we are delighted to share with you some of what the Foundation has accomplished thus far as well as where we are headed in 2015.

  1. The IFS Adherence scale and its inter-reliability study are now complete; the latter shows very positive results. This resource is now available for all IFS researchers to show that IFS therapy was accurately delivered in their study. ($2,000)
  2. We submitted an application for IFS to be listed in a federal database as an evidenced-based treatment for depression from the results of the Rheumatoid Arthritis Study and are happy to report that we have passed the first round of screening in that process and are waiting for the full review.
  3. We have funded with input from an independent council of reviewers a research study, which will be a collaboration by the Trauma Center at JRI in Boston and independent consultants, looking at the effects of IFS treatment on individuals who suffer from complex PTSD. This is the Foundation’s first research grant ($23,000); with your help, we could help bring it to fruition and take it the next level.
  4. We funded an annotation project, which will collect, vet, and provide editorial notes for all literature published on IFS, which will be readily accessible and searchable on the Foundation’s website ($5,000; we now need to raise $15K to develop the online database supporting it),
  5. We have updated our website, which will function as a comprehensive resource for all news, activities, and resources related to the Foundation. We are thrilled with the way it turned out and excited for you to check it out. Please visit (funding provided by CSL; thank you to CSL).

As many of you witnessed during the Plenary on Saturday at the Annual Conference this year, we have stimulated a few research projects with researchers at Northeastern University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT) to measure the physiologic effects of IFS therapy on client’s, therapist’s and the therapeutic relationship during a typical session. The project’s objective is to measure EEG, heart rate, pulse and temperature changes experienced during IFS sessions. We anticipate that funding this project, once reviewed and recommended by our independent council, would take $50,000 and hope to raise funds to make it possible.

We are also facilitating research among a group of clinicians and researchers throughout the VA system in the U.S. to begin to measure the effects of IFS treatment on veterans who suffer from PTSD. This project may require around $75,000 to be implemented.

As you can see, there are several exciting and important projects in the works related to the advancement of IFS.

To reiterate, we will all benefit from the work of the Foundation as members of the IFS community. The Foundation is an independent, volunteer-driven, not-for-profit organization whose mission is to support research, provide scholarships to those in need and help CSL expand the scope of IFS beyond psychotherapy.

We have officially launched our Fundraising Campaign and are thrilled to announce that we have raised $34,500 to date, some of which has been used to fund the Adherence Scale study, the Trauma Center Study, and the Annotation project. We sincerely thank all who have contributed thus far. This work is not possible without your support and we are eternally grateful.

If you are interested in continuing to support the Foundation, there are many ways to give and to be involved. Please give in a way that feels comfortable to you personally and comes from your heart:

  1. Make a financial contribution.
  2. Volunteer your time and expertise to help with web development, social media, writing, data entry, and operational support.
  3. Participate in research.
  4. Help with our fundraising effort.
  5. Connect us with prospective donors.
  6. Sign up to where a percentage of all your purchases go to the foundation for Self Leadership.

And follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. We are now growing our following and participation in social media networks.

Please stay tuned regarding our 2015 fundraising events. Help up advance IFS; when we work together, the possibilities are endless.

With gratitude,

Frank Anderson, Mark Milton, Harley Goldberg, Nancy Shadick, and Iina Singh.

Please donate,

The Foundation is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. For U.S. contributors, your donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law. Feel free to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.