As the humanitarian crisis deepens in Ukraine, the Foundation for Self Leadership and the IFS Institute, along with the entire IFS community, stand firmly with the people of Ukraine and surrounding countries, and those with loved ones impacted by this crisis.

We extend our support and love to the Ukrainian people, who have been facing horrific attacks, uncertainty and, in many cases, relocation to other locations. What we have been observing violates our core values of humanity, harmony, and love.

As a global IFS community, we also recognize our International Partners, and IFS practitioners in Russia. You have bravely supported the Ukrainian community and continue to express your dismay at the ruthless invasion and the devastation it has caused. We appreciate the challenges you’re encountering and stand by your side as well.

Together, we offer updated and new resources that may help provide support and for some, a greater understanding of the roots of these conflicts with an IFS lens.