New IFS-related articles appear in professional journals

A new research article by Michael Fitzgerald, Assistant professor in Child and Family Sciences at the University of Mississippi was recently published in The American Journal of Family Therapy. In his study of 303 students at two different universities, his paper, Cool, Calm, and Collected: The Associations Between Self-Leadership and Adult Mental and Relational Health Outcomes, showed results that higher Self-leadership, as measured by the 25-item IFS Self Scale, was associated with lower anxiety, depression, sleep problems, and dissociation. Greater Self-leadership was also associated with greater positive relationship quality, and less negative relationship quality.

This article represents one of a series of IFS-related research projects which Fitzgerald has taken on as part of his research program. Michael is Level 3 trained and has served as Program Assistant in multiple Level 1 and Level 2 trainings. He is currently in the process of completing his IFS certification and his PhD studies.

The measurement scale he used, the 25-item IFS Self scale, is one of two validated scales created by Lia DeLand which may be used for research purposes with permission. The larger 57-item scale, which may be purchased for clinical use, was originally designed to be used for clinical purposes to help clinicians get a sense of client’s most prevalent parts and level of Self energy and could be available for research purposes under a different arrangement. To learn more about the IFS Scale and its uses, visit this new page on the Foundation’s website.

Researchers might find another measure of Self-leadership of value. This instrument also has a long and a short version, though it is important to note that this long version is only intended to measure extent of Self-Leadership and does not measure parts like the IFS scale. This scale, developed by Mary Steinhardt et al., has also been used in published articles and information about its use can be found on this new Foundation page.

Michael Fitzgerald’s research article and other articles related to IFS, can be found in the IFS research database. Among the new additions:

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