These unprecedented times of serious virus scares and lockdowns have challenged our way of life and activated in most of us fear, unease, and anxiety. The Foundation is pleased to present “innervention,” a program of online conversations, experiences, tools, and stories to help sustain us all during this period of turmoil and beyond.

The innervention series has been created by the Foundation in partnership with IFS practitioners, who will be hosting their workshops live, in order to provide the IFS and larger communities with tools that can help any of us place the current crisis in better perspective. The intention is for these tools to generate internal relief, calm, and hope, while also building stronger and lasting connections with our own innate wisdom so we can cope more effectively with the overwhelming demands of the day.

“We have sought to tailor the various aspects of innervention to the needs of as many people as possible,” said Toufic Hakim, PhD, Executive Director, “and, as such, the program includes various themes and tips for school educators and staff, healthcare providers and their families, small-business owners and entrepreneurs, and parents and families.” Each one of these categories has its own series of seminars and videos designed to inspire, support and uplift viewers, from parents seeking to find calm, business executives trying to innovate and adapt, and teachers dealing with reportedly insurmountable stress.

Special thanks to IFS practitioners, Joanna Curry-Sartori, LMFT; Jacqueline Germaine, MS, ND; Brian Jaudon; Seth Kopald, PhD; Ray Mount, PhD; Anna Tansi, MS Org. Psych; and Theresa Valendzas, MS for their generous time, invaluable offerings, and lending their insights and knowledge.

The schedule can be viewed at the Foundation’s Website.