With a unanimous and enthusiastic endorsement by its Board of Directors and staff associates, the Foundation for Self Leadership published a statement expressing firmly that it stands in solidarity with all of those across the world who are fighting for human rights, equality, and justice. The Foundation is deeply committed to supporting these essential human and societal ideals and operating in a way that espouses these values every day.

“It is important for us to double our efforts to promote a more peaceful, inclusive world while also aiding those are seeking to use the IFS model to improve their own lives along with the lives of those around them,” said Vicki McCoy, MA, Chair of the Board and Executive Director Toufic Hakim, PhD, on behalf of the organization. They echoed the essence of the statement, underscoring the belief that “each of us holds the right, as a breathing human, to think independently, speak freely, and be treated with dignity.”

The statement goes on to affirm that the Foundation for Self-Leadership “stands with our all brothers and sisters, of every color and creed, every background, identity and experience, who place love above hate and a strong desire to learn and understand before judgment and condemnation… with all those who proactively strive for equity, justice and peace and who desire to bring hope and be a light in the world that drives out the darkness.”

The full statement is posted on the Foundation’s website.