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Holding onto compassion and hope, take a retrospective glimpse at this especially challenging year as we bid farewell to it & discover an early article by Dick Schwartz on Internal Family Systems.

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A brief communiqué from your Foundation for Self Leadership

As our world navigates mounting crises, may resilient hope emerge from deep within each of us to shine through flimsy cracks in the darkness...

A Year in Re(ar)view
Most of us cannot wait to turn this year's page over. This life's chapter has brought significant suffering to countless individuals, families and organizations on multiple fronts. We honor those who left us and feel for all those in pain. And we must continue to believe that human ingenuity, goodness and endurance will save the day; and do everything in our capacity to help our species bounce back, stronger, whole... and united around our common humanity. 

Your Foundation has not been immune to its own share of difficult financial challenges; yet, significant activities were carried out with the help of the community and dedicated associates. Here is a short sample:

- A new funded RCT study to examine IFS as a treatment for complex PTSD and opioid dependency is now running at the Cambridge Health Alliance (Massachusetts, US).

- Asponsored effort to bring Self to schools, the Foundation's second such effort, continues apace now at two schools in Connecticut, US--its approach slightly modified due to Covid to engage teachers and staff online and respond to their emerging needs.

- Exploratory activity has taken place to bring IFS to military Veterans and active-duty personnel. Starting with one military base, IFS is being introduced to civilian therapists and chaplains; plans are being developed to provide IFS interventions for folks in active service; and the IFS Healing Corps is being formed as a growing group of IFS therapists to serve Veterans and support each other in peer supervision and planning.
The Foundation thanks the community for your generosity of spirit and giving. You made it possible for the Foundation to continue its operation in 2020.

To those who already provided financial support this year, many thanks. To others who still care to offer a monetary gift to the Foundation before year's end, you are invited to do so; please give what you can and help advance these important programs.

PS. The Foundation for Self Leadership is subscribed to donor-matching platforms (Benevity.com & CyberGrants.com). When family members or neighbors of yours in the corporate world donate to the Foundation through these platforms, their gifts could be matched multi-fold by their companies. Please share them the value of promoting IFS and encourage to give.
An Earlier IFS Citation 
As you may recall from the latest issue of the OUTLOOK magazine, the IFS community recently celebrated 35 years since the creation/discovery of IFS. In honor of this special milestone and the expansive developments occurring during this period, an IFS-book-gallery was featured in the magazine. Showcasing the broad range of published IFS-related works, the Gallery affirmed both the extensive dissemination of the Model and the deep engagement of the community in spreading it as a paradigm and practice for healing and well-being in various settings. 

While the Gallery was being curated, it was noticed that the earliest IFS resource commonly cited in various IFS publications is the seminal first 1995 edition of the Internal Family Systems Therapy book by IFS Developer Richard Schwartz, PhD (Guilford Press, which has been since translated into many languages. (A 2020 Edition was co-authored with Martha Sweezy, PhD).

What seemed to have gone unnoticed is Dick's article published in Family Therapy Networker in 1987 entitled Our Multiple Selves (Schwartz, Richard C.; Family Therapy Networker;1987, Mar/Apr; 11, 24-31 and 80-83], which could be reviewed herein its entirety.

In this paper, Schwartz urged family therapists to consider intrapyschic foundations to family dynamics, an approach that is offered to "bridge the gap between family and individual therapy." (This approach, which would end up revolutionizing family therapy, has significantly influenced the very nature and process of therapy and emotional healing.) He applied "many concepts and techniques of the structural/strategic family therapy to the inner domain of the internal family" and stated in the article that "what is crucial to inner well-being is the relationship among the parts." He also introduced the Self and suggested that its engagement would "develop the kind of harmonious relationships that characterize healthy functioning."

You will be pleased to know that this article and many other IFS resources appear (with detailed annotation) in the evolving Foundation's searchable online database of IFS-related publications, a community resource (designed initially for researchers) which has been online for six years now. The Foundation is grateful to Jenn Matheson, PhD, LMFT, for designing and populating this database, her team of volunteers for maintaining it, and Josh Lisojo, MS, for programming it as an online system. Check it out!
Please stay safe, healthy, and hopeful.
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