Check out an independent recent article about IFS Therapy, referring to it as the "Revolutionary Treatment that Could Change Psychotherapy Forever," and explore new resources from the Foundation's "innervention" program.



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Crises of historic proportion may be challenging our hope and serenity, dredging up anxiety and fear... This is when we most need to reach deep within for wisdom and resilience. 

Could Change Psychotherapy 
Here is the title of a recent article about IFS Therapy published in Medium (July 21, 2020): Inside the Revolutionary Treatment that Could Change Psychotherapy Forever. The article by Ben Blum is introducing IFS therapy as one that is "upending the thinking about schizophrenia, depression, OCD and more." The article starts relaying a story that 2018 IFS Conference attendees would have heard during a plenary discussion on schizophrenia; it then goes into describing the evolution and value of the model and how it is received by thought leaders in the field.

Blum introduces IFS as a "novel theory of the mind so profoundly at odds with the biomedical model of mental illness that, if true, called decades of clinical orthodoxy into question. In IFS, mental health symptoms like anxiety, depression, paranoia, and even psychosis were regarded not as impassive biochemical phenomena but as emotional events under the control of unconscious “parts” of the patient — which they could learn to interact with directly." He later alludes to Self and the mind's ability, according to IFS, to do its own self-repair.

This article is yet another public foray for IFS into the larger behavior-health community. If you have half an hour at your disposal, you are keenly encouraged to take a read. If not, please try hard to make time; it will be worth it and you'll be happy you did!
Resources for "innervening" 
A big THANK YOU to all--and there were hundreds of you--who have joined various sessions of the Foundation's May-June "innervention" program, along with the latest (July 19) panel discussion on Legacy Burdens of Racism.

Session recordings and tools (and the resource list has more than 30+ items) are posted on the Foundation's program site. All videos are on the Foundation's YouTube channel (innervention playlist). These consist of tips and valuable IFS-anchored resources for educators, parents, and first responders and caregivers (or anyone) to help discover a state of calm and comfort during challenging moments--from meditations and body stretches to language and new-habit-forming techniques.There are even short real-time videos from experiences dealing with illness and looking for solace in nature.

The full Webinar discussion on the Legacy Burdens of Racism has been recorded and will be made available to the community on the Foundation's platforms as well. Please be on the lookout.

Panelists shared with deep honesty, courage, and vulnerability their feelings and observations as they (and society) deal with issues of White privilege and racial inequity, seeking greater understanding, healing, and capacity to engage meaningfully to bring about sustainable justice for all.
Please stay safe and healthy, hopeful and strong.
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