The Foundation is pleased to release the March 2020 Edition of OUTLOOK.

Read about the new IFS Level 1 Training Manual unveiled by IFS institute; ten basic beliefs for how humans might achieve enduring happiness outlined in The Ten Worlds: The New Psychology of Happiness; and the respect and compassion for the story of your life in IFS coaching.

This issue of OUTLOOK also features the Foundation's plan to support a significant, rigorous randomized controlled clinical study of IFS as a treatment for PTSD & Opioid use; updates on the IFS-in-Schools effort to bring notions of Self leadership and parts-awareness to teachers and staff (and students through them); and ongoing activities to integrate IFS into Medicine and Medical Education.

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March 2020 
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We're bringing you and our IFS Community the March issue of OUTLOOK, hoping it will provide you with some distraction, relief, and hope during these demanding times. May the connectedness, calm, and courage of Self leadership keep you good company. You and your loved ones are in our thoughts.

2020 Vision: A Look at the Past, Present, and Future of IFS with Richard Schwartz
In each era, the growth and understanding of the human condition, relationships, and life continue to evolve and expand. Human knowledge and wisdom commonly build in each generation on the one before it. What a privilege it is to be experiencing in real time the evolution of the Internal Family SystemsSM and its expansion across various professions and walks of life… [Read more…

Supporting a Significant, Rigorous RCT Study of IFS as a Treatment for PTSD & Opioid Use
The Foundation for Self Leadership has a special and unique opportunity on behalf of the IFS community to fund a robust dual study of IFS as a treatment for PTSD and opioid use. This is a two-year $300,000 study to be conducted by a highly-accomplished research team (Northeast, USA)... [Read more…

"Please donate to the Foundation to help us raise the balance needed for this Phase II study. The Institute has generously contributed to the Foundation through the years, but it takes a village. We need your support to bring IFS evidence-based standing to a higher level.
Richard Schwartz, PhD, founder of IFS… [Donate Today]

Update on Foundation Grant Supporting Integration of IFS in Schools
With generous support from former IFS Assistant Trainer Joy Shivas, LCSW, the Foundation has funded a new two-year IFS-in-Schools effort. It’s designed to bring notions of Self leadership and parts-awareness to teachers and staff (and students through them) at three schools in Connecticut, USA… [Read more…]

At the Interface of Research & Advocacy… From Your Board to Our Community
Heartfelt greetings from your Foundation’s Board—ever diligent in actively promoting IFS far and wide. We see IFS as a hopeful path to a state of inner peace, believing that social harmony will closely follow. Your own stories of healing and inner discovery are what inspire us… [Read more…

From the Editor
Year 2020 ushers in with it an invitation to gather new perspectives. 20/20 implies perfect vision, hindsight, and wisdom. Moments of separation from our beliefs and feelings, being witnessed by our ground of being, greatly benefit not only ourselves but those with whom we engage… [Read more…


Parents, Children, and Teachers Learning Inside and Out
Having provided therapy for adults, children, families, and couples, as well as directing a corporate and school consultation and training service for over thirty years as Chief Psychologist at Trinitas Regional Medical Center, Rodger Goddard, PhD, possesses a deep understanding of what works and what does not when it comes to parents, children, and teachers… [Read more…

View into Foundation-Supported Research Efforts
We are excited to report that the Foundation is inching closer toward its goal of funding a randomized controlled clinical trial of IFS for PTSD treatment (see p. 7 for an exciting update and call for support!)… [Read more…

Brand-New Internal Family SystemsSMLevel 1 Training Manual Available The more things change, the more they stay the same. Or do they? This year, IFS Institute will unveil the new Internal Family SystemsSM Level 1 Training Manual, by Trailhead Publications. Now in the middle of its third decade, the broad reach and tremendous impact of IFS with countless people around the world continues to spiral upwards… [Read more…

Integrating IFS into Medicine and Medical Education
Lou Lukas, MD, Chief of Palliative Medicine at the Nebraska and Western Iowa Vet- erans Health Care System and Associate Professor at the University of Nebraska Medical Center, believes that IFS can help physicians heal themselves so that they can serve their patients more fully… [Read more…


On Top of the World: IFS and the Ten Worlds of Happiness
Dr. Ash ElDifrawi (Licensed Clinical Psychologist, Psy. D.), has been researching and writing for two decades on his theory that there are ten basic beliefs for how humans might achieve enduring happiness… [Read more…


All Together Now! IFS Principles Applied to Group Psychotherapy
IFS as a model is gaining traction in a number of different domains including individual therapy, couple therapy, trauma therapy, schools, prisons, and corporate organizations—just to name a few. As part of this expansion, one certified IFS therapist is increasing a body of work done before her to specifically develop the effectiveness of IFS when working with groups… [Read more…

Dream with Us
Of a better world,
One in which all individuals,

     regardless of background, education, profession, appearance,
     or life choices;
     irrespective of behaviors or decisions statements or signs,
     grimaces or gestures

Are noticed and clearly seen
     for what they truly are, beneath their fac╠žade,
     behind the unconscious acting, reacting, and pretending,
     for their human core, gentle yet powerful, pure and unblemished,
     hidden deep within, waiting to be recognized, awakened, activated,
     and released...

      [Read more…]


Trainers' Corner: It Takes a Village
The pathways that led each of us to IFS are varied, as may be the places to which we each choose to take it. Whether practiced on ourselves or applied in our myriad professions, or both, Self leadership’s impact is palpable. Please meet Co-Lead Trainer Rina Dubin, EdD… [Read more…


Healing Where Angels Fear to Tread: IFS and Scrupulosity
Malki Spira, LMHC, has been assisting individuals in her private practice in Brooklyn, New York for the past eighteen years. A rabbi’s wife, her practice services members of an insulated Chassidic community, with many Yiddish speaking clients who have little exposure to contemporary culture… [Read more…]

Stories of Transformation: Three Sisters Unburden Family Legacies
All stories in past editions of OUTLOOK have been related to personal burdens—those which we as individuals acquire due to our own direct experience. (For example, one may feel a burden of worthlessness because they were told over and over that they “are good for nothing.”) The following is a special collection of three sisters’ legacy unburdening processes, which shared a similar origin… [Read more…


Leading Learning from Self: A Teacher's Journey
In numerous places around the world, members of our IFS community are exploring how to introduce and implement the wisdom of IFS in our schools… One such dedicated and inspiring teacher is Dr. Melissa Zych, a music teacher at Charter Oak International Academy in West Hartford, CT… [Read more…

A Community Save Haven in Israel
Amid routine violence, a group of individuals find sanctuary and solace with the help of Nitsan Joy Gordon, MA, founder and director of Together Beyond Words (TBW)… [Read more…

Fantastic Foundation Friday 2019
Record-breaking turnout for first-time attendees, in addition to record overall attendance, made for a very engaging experience at the Annual IFS Conference’s debut in Denver, Colorado in September 2019… [Read more…


Excerpts of Remarks by Executive Director Toufic Hakim, presented at the 2019 IFS Conference on behalf of the Foundation for Self Leadership
The IFS lens and language have uncovered for us a hidden path toward greater inner clarity and deeper fulfillment. Through IFS, we gain a compassionate view of ourselves and others… [Read more…


Annual Report and 2019 Donors
The Foundation fervently thanks its growing circle of donors and the IFS Institute (formerly CSL) for their annual giving. The Foundation’s priorities and accomplishments on behalf of IFS depend on, and can only result from, the continued engagement of the community… 
[Read more…

Board of Directors Update
The Foundation warmly welcomes Vicki J. McCoy, MA, member of the Board since 2017, as its next chair of the board of directors
 [Read more…

Introducing Staff and Volunteers
Barbara Perkins, MA; Marilyn Hunt, LMFT; Michelle Glass, BA; Kira Freed, MA, BCC, LPC (ret.); Barbara Hollingsworth, MSW, LICSW; Karen Locke, MA; Laura Taylor, JD…
 [Read more…


Separate & Together: What is the difference between the Foundation and the Institute?
The Foundation for Self Leadership and IFS Institute are engaged in significant efforts, with great common determination and towards a shared vision: to facilitate Self-discovery and promote Self leadership across the world. Yet, they have separate and independent legal, fiscal and governance systems… [Read more…

An IFS Institute Update
As part of our collaborative efforts with IFS Institute, OUTLOOK intends to keep the community informed about current endeavors the Institute has been or is engaged in. The Foundation remains appreciative of our teamwork… [Read more…



It takes a takes you. Do you want to be counted as an active member of our growing caring global community?… [Read more…

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