The Foundation is pleased to publish the April 2019 Edition of OUTLOOK.

Read about how the US Veterans can find hope through IFS as well as greater self-care and burnout prevention; the efforts to expand diversity in IFS trainings; and how the Foundation’s ambitious vision aligns with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a new set of goals launched by the United Nations.

This issue of OUTLOOK features Foundation’s formal search for next seasoned Executive Director; release of a new look for IFS logo; and how IFS is entwined with Other Models.

Other community updates include collaborations between CSL and the Foundation; global self-awareness and healing through Foundation Friday at the IFS Conference; and number of operational updates.




April 2019 
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Black Therapists Rock Group


Increasing Diversity Inside and Outside of Marginalized Communities
A new and rapidly growing group of therapists has added another ripple in the ever-expanding IFS community over the past few years. At the 2018 Annual IFS Conference several members of Black Therapists Rock (BTR) hosted the panel discussion I’m Black AND... which explored parts, duality, and intersectionality as they pertain to navigating the world with multiple layers of diversity. The vulnerable and candid sharing of BTR members during the discussion highlighted the necessity for both an increase in Black therapists and a deepened knowledge of the Model among Black therapists...
[Read more…

Bringing Hope to US Veterans: When a Drop Becomes a Trickle and a Trickle Becomes a Torrent
Amy Marcotte, LCSW, BCD, is an IFS therapist, a military veteran herself, and the director at the US Department of Veterans Affairs Center (Vet Center) in Maine. She has been pivotal in galvanizing momentum in her program and the colleagues with whom she works to bring IFS to a whole new cohort of veterans. Owing to the Foundation’s mission of bringing IFS healing to military veterans, OUTLOOK features Amy’s accomplishments. Her efforts will yield much healing to US veterans and their families in years to come...[Read more…

IFS in Schools: Overview of Program Evaluations
Foundation-Sponsored Pilot IFS Teacher Experience in Minneapolis

From November 2017 through September 2018, staff and teachers from two middle schools in Minneapolis, Minnesota, were exposed to notions of IFS and Self leadership. Thanks to generous funding from the IFS community, the Foundation had sponsored a comprehensive pilot program in its effort to expand emotional learning and wellbeing through the paradigm of Self and parts and the experience of Self-discovery to school teachers and staff, and ultimately to students and parents...[Read more…]


Teacher and Students




Launching a Formal Search for the Next Executive Director
Following a very active 5.5-year start-up phase during which two members of the board of directors have effectively managed its executive functions, the Foundation for Self Leadership is now poised to embark on a global search for its next executive director. “My colleagues on the volunteer board and I are very pleased to have steadily and deliberately reached this point in our development as a not-for-profit organization,” noted Board Chair, Harley Goldberg, DO. “We will be looking for the next seasoned executive to build on the successes achieved to date and lead the Foundation under the direction of our board during the next phase of growth.”...[Read more…

Executive Search Details & Selection Process
The Foundation seeks a unique individual to grow its funding, manage its operations, and extend its reach, with direction and guidance from a volunteer board of directors. The executive director position will be a half-time, paid position. The incoming executive director will be selected through a rigorous, confidential review and screening process involving a search committee that will conduct the screening and initial interviews. Final selection will be made by the board. The executive function’s charge and responsibilities are to...[Read more…

Partnering for Global Self Leadership
Internal Family Systems meets Earth, as a global sum of its parts. Can you picture it? If you can, you’re not the only one. In 2016, the United Nations launched a new set of goals, building on the earlier millennial goals. These new 17 goals, labeled Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), are quite ambitious and address a wide range of issues, from eliminating poverty and hunger to ensuring good health and well-being, and from promoting gender equality and climate action to securing peace and justice...[Read more…

From Your Board
Dear IFS Friends and Colleagues,

Since its inception, the Foundation has pursued a small number of strategic priorities. We have sought to expand the empirical evidence for the IFS Model through high-quality research, advocate for broader awareness of the IFS Model, and provide a platform to support the IFS community and the development of diverse IFS applications. On behalf of the board of directors, we are happy to report that we have met our initially established goals...[Read more…


Foundation Rolls Out Its New Logo
A new image to capture a thousand words, one that took more than a dozen design attempts and revisions and considered the views of more than a dozen IFSers. An image that reminds us of the critical nature and place of SELF in our life and work— empowering compassion and courage in response to external conditions, and likely leading us under any situation to secure inner and global peace...[Read more…


Foundation's New Logo


Many Members of Our Community Continue to Ask Us How CSL and the Foundation are Related
The Foundation and The Center are two distinct organizations, with different organizational types (the Foundation, as an example, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit). The two organizations have separate and independent legal, fiscal, and governance systems. Yet they work together, as they must. After all, they share a similar name, a common vision, and a joint determination to facilitating Self-discovery and promoting Self leadership across the world.




Blending IFS with Other Models: There's More Than Meets the Eye
What do you get when you cross the IFS Model as presented by Richard Schwartz, PhD, with the work of BreneĢ Brown, PhD, LMSW, as presented in The Daring WayTM Model? The answer is a dedicated therapist in San Diego, California, who thinks a lot about courage, shame, vulnerability, and Self energy. Rebecca Ching, LMFT, is a Certified IFS Therapist and Daring WayTM Facilitator and Consultant who runs her own integrated mental health practice helping people deal more effectively with struggle, failure, and vulnerability while they navigate the intersection of mindset and mental health...[Read more…

Inspiring Filmmaker Raises Awareness of the Foundation
The Foundation has recently partnered with award-winning filmmaker and IFS practitioner Jen Kleiner, MFA, CPLC, to provide creative and practical support for its goal of greater visibility with the development of a range of short films to raise awareness about the Foundation and our mission to support evidenced-based research, broaden access to IFS trainings, and expand its reach beyond the therapeutic community. The Foundation decided to partner with Jen after learning about her preliminary efforts with The Center for Self Leadership to create a documentary about the natural nature of multiplicity and the life and work of IFS creator, Richard Schwartz, PhD...[Read more…

Dream with US
In these troubling times of political, social, and environmental crises, we and many others find ourselves looking for more judicious ways to counterbalance forces of anger and fear within us and around us. We endeavor to respond to our own reactions and those of others with compassion and an open mind. We stretch to embrace optimism, comforted by the loving nature, yet indestructible power, of the human spirit...[Read more…

Growing Community and the Model: US Peer-Support Groups

The camaraderie and connection one experiences after attending IFS trainings and workshops commonly yield a desire for continued engagement in local or regional community. Necessity being the mother of invention, many return to their locales to create, or recreate, the IFS connectedness and community experience for ongoing growth and education. Many places around the globe have energized such groups. OUTLOOK features four US-based peer-support groups in this edition and will feature international groups in the fall edition. We hope sharing others’ efforts encourages and inspires you to embark upon similar peer-support groups. These groups reinforce the grass-roots nature of community...[Read more…


Map of Los Angeles




Optimization, Diversity, and More: a CSL Update
EDITORS’ NOTE: As the Foundation proceeds to work hand-in-hand in partnership with The Center for Self Leadership, OUTLOOK will feature regular updates from CSL. We take pride in our collaboration with CSL, the training engine and home of IFS, and we are grateful for the continued engagement toward our common vision of worldwide Self-leadership. In an effort to increase efficiency and ease, as well as go paperless, CSL is engaged in IT optimization throughout all its operations…[Read more…

Trainers' Corner: It Takes a Village
Accomplishing the widespread reach and impact of IFS requires energy, time, resources, and skill, not to mention a firm commitment to preserving the integrity of the Model. Diligent undertakings from both the staff at The Center for Self Leadership and the staff and volunteers at the Foundation propel Self leadership forward. The indefatigable teaching that members of the IFS training faculty propagate ensure, as best they can, strongly rooted seedlings in each and every locale a training is held. The common vision of a world filled with Self-led people and institutions necessitates each and every component of the system working together...[Read more…

Foundation Annual Report
You responded to our appeals. You participated in our fundraising events. You gave what you could, generously and enthusiastically. We thank you most sincerely. Your support in 2018 made quite a few outcomes possible...[Read more…

Fantastic Foundation Friday
The Foundation’s presence at the Annual IFS Conference expands significantly each year. For the past five years, we have whole-heartedly engaged with our community of therapists, practitioners, clients, and the general public in a special day we call Foundation Friday. In view of our steady progress, the IFS community continues to appreciate the differences and connections between The Center for Self Leadership and the Foundation and pledge support towards our mission. The support and collaboration of CSL, a crucial sponsor of Foundation Friday, remains a vital piece of a three-way partnership towards global self-awareness and healing: you, CSL, and the Foundation. To that end, Foundation Friday intends to strengthen all relationships in our community so that we may forge ahead together...[Read more…

Introducing New Foundation Associates and Staff

The Foundation is delighted to present to the community three new volunteer associates and staff members who have joined our growing team. Their energy, talent, and commitment significantly extend the delivery and reach of our mission. We are grateful for their engagement. Please welcome Shaun Dempsey, PhD; Sharayah Morrissey, LMFT; and Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, LCSW, MDiv...[Read more…





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Why Do You Donate to the Foundation?
“My wife and I are interested in supporting organizations that truly address the root cause of issues impacting the world we live in. We whole- heartedly agree with the power and efficacy of IFS and the possibility of bringing about peace to our world by first looking within. We are excited about the possibilities of what will happen when we bring the notions of IFS to others, especially children and our veterans. As both of our fathers were veterans, we are especially aligned to organizations addressing the needs of our service members. We support the Foundation on a monthly basis because, first of all, it is so easy! I entered our payment information once, and that’s it! We also believe it’s important for nonprofits to have some confidence in knowing what revenue they will receive on a monthly basis, allowing them more time to focus on other things such as programming.” ~ Kelly and Julie Gaule-Clark Winthrop, MA...[Read more…

Plan Your Long-Term Gift to the Foundation 
Leave a good legacy for a better future. Please remember the Foundation for Self Leadership in your will or estate planning. Help sustain its global mission of research, service, and advocacy into the next generation. All it takes is a quick phone call to your attorney to add a charitable gift to your will...[Read more…


Qualities of Self Leadership
Those who attended the IFS Conference in November 2018 may have seen them. Those who saw them may have been smitten… The Foundation produced beautifully designed greeting cards and posters showcasing the qualities of Self (the beloved 8Cs) as a conversational piece or an invitation to inner wisdom…[Read more…


My Egg Cracked a Little This Week

I sat in the baths before dawn, listening to the power of the ocean waves crashing against the rocks.

I found myself reflecting on this week, not from my head, but from my heart.

As I welcomed in all the feelings, the emotions from the week and allowed them to mix and merge together, the tears came...[Read more…


From the Editor
Unending opportunities present themselves to us daily to heal, both individually and collectively. Through the lens of Self and unburdened parts, the eternal supply of life’s challenges can be viewed as grist to the mill. Some days the challenges are larger than others, and some days we find moments of respite to return with renewed Self energy for another day. For those of us who know the IFS Model, finding our center can be easier than for those who have yet to experience the transformational healing it provides. The Foundation’s strides towards bringing IFS to all reaches of the globe continues to gain increasing expanse...[Read more…]  






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