The Foundation for Self Leadership's Board is pleased to share with you this news bulletin to keep you informed about progress and developments of interest.

We hope you find the contents meaningful to you. Thank you for your continued engagement to advance IFS research and advocacy.


In This Issue

* Letter from the Board
* Research News
   - Grant Awarded
   - Substance Abuse Study
   - Annotation in Progress
   - NREPP Possible Listing
* In Psychotherapy
   - Psychotherapy Networker
   - IFS & Neurobiology
* Beyond Psychotherapy
   - Pixar Film Prescreening
   - IFS in Business
* Operational Update
   - Generous Support
   - Volunteers
   - Senior Coordinators
* Invitation


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Dear Reader

The Foundation for Self Leadership's Board is pleased to share with you this news bulletin to keep you informed about progress and developments of interest.

We hope you find the contents meaningful to you. Thank you for your continued engagement to advance IFS research and advocacy.

Letter from the Board

Many of us are repeatedly struck by commonly shared observations about IFS: that it provides a non-pathologizing clinical intervention, an accelerated path to emotional healing and, a model of self-awareness. IFS has also been known for supporting access to a calmer state of being, and increasing awareness and compassion toward others. IFS invigorates our practice and empowers our clients. It promises deeper positive change inside ourselves and in our world. This is why the Foundation sees it as our purpose to help bring IFS to the world.

Together with you, the Foundation plans to support independent IFS-oriented research, help promote IFS both within and beyond psychotherapy, and increase access to IFS trainings through scholarships.  [read more…]


OUTLOOK is an occasional bulletin that the Foundation for Self Leadership will publish to share news relevant to IFS, the IFS community, and developments relating to the Foundation. It is not intended to appear solely and passively in the conventional print mode; rather, it is designed to interface with the Foundation’s social media and online platforms. Nor is it a venue for sending information out; it is envisioned more so as an attempt to generate discussions within the community around issues and ideas of general interest and great impact.  [read more…]

Research News

First Research Grant Awarded by the Foundation...  After an independent review, the Foundation Board approved a funding request for an IFS research study by the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute in Brookline, MA. The 11-month, $23,240 project, entitled “Pilot Intervention Study: IFS Therapy for the Treatment of PTSD and Complex Trauma” is a collaboration between the Center and a group of independent consultants. [read more…]

New IFS Study in Substance Abuse in Progress…  Bringing his experience as a substance abuse treatment expert clinician to the Addiction Treatment Program of the University Alabama at Birmingham (which operates within the medical school’s teaching hospital), Tom McLure, MA, MEd, is currently preparing to launch a new research study on the efficacy of IFS in the treatment of substance abuse. [read more…]
Developing Basic Resources for IFS Research… The Foundation has funded a comprehensive annotation project, through which a series of IFS-related publications will be reviewed, archived, and summarized. Key data about the publications and editorial comments regarding its research content will be provided. The intent is in the medium term for the results to be posted in an online searchable database.  [read more…]
IFS to be reviewed for listing on NREPP…  "The listing of IFS on NREPP would be a major milestone for the model and its clinical application; it is clearly one of the many steps we need to take as we continue to foster independent research about its efficacy."  [read more…]

In Psychotherapy

A strong presence for IFS at the Psychotherapy Networker…  IFS was again featured at the Psychotherapy Networker Symposium, considered the largest gathering of psychotherapists.  [read more…]
Links explored between IFS and Interpersonal Neurobiology…  The Center for Self Leadership hosted a two-day forum in Boston in April 2015, led by Dick Schwartz and Dan Siegel, MD. [read more…]

Beyond Psychotherapy

Pixar’s “Inside Out” to be Pre-Screened for the IFS Community…  The Foundation will be hosting a prescreening event of this new animation in the Boston area on June 17 at 6:30pm at the Showcase Cinema de Lux at Legacy Place Theater, in Dedham, MA. [read more…] 
Efforts to Develop an "IFS in Business" Program Initiated…   Many a practitioner, upon their own initiatives, have introduced IFS into their own professional settings, from health, life and executive coaching to team-building; and from legal mediation and education to counseling of prisoners before re-entry. [read more…] 

Operational Update

Thank you for your Generous Support…  Many IFS practitioners, IFS workshop participants, and users of the model have expressed their interest in advancing the mission of the Foundation by offering to help in concrete ways and/or by making significant financial contributions.  [read more…]
Foundation Registered with AmazonSmile…   If you’re an customer, you may want to consider making all your online shopping through and, without any cost to you, support the Foundation.  [read more…] 
Special Cheers to our Volunteers…  The work of IFS is carried out by the thousands of trained IFS practitioners and dedicated IFS trainers and, maybe more importantly, the personalized practice of Self leadership that many more clients, patients, and interested individuals incorporate into their own lives and interactions with others.  [read more…] 

New Foundation Senior Coordinators: Call for Nominations…  The Foundation is seeking nominations to appoint four Senior Coordinators to coordinate and help secure funding for select areas of priority.  [read more…] 


Imagine…  Can you imagine a world where people, businesses, and communities across all walks of life, around the world, understood and applied the constructs of IFS as a framework for self-understanding and interaction with others? What sort of world can you imagine?  [read more…]
If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..