The Foundation is pleased to announce the arrival of the November 2018 (and eighth) edition of OUTLOOK.

Read about how the Foundation and its Swiss partner, Education 4 Peace, are joining hands with Pixar Animation Studios for a global campaign to promote emotional health and well-being; how teachers’ own emotional awareness and learning can help students build resilience over time; and how through parts work bridges may be built between parents and children for better parenting relationships.

Other community updates include IFS-inspired courageous conversations by a radio host; the completion of the study on IFS as a treatment for Complex Trauma; and life-changing stories through the IFS lens.



We are pleased to share with you the November 2018 edition of OUTLOOK.  Click on titles below or go online to read full articles.

MY INSIDE TEAM: Peace through Emotional Learning  A Global Campaign Featuring Characters from Disney*Pixar Inside Out

We are thrilled to be working with Pixar Animation Studios to feature the characters from Disney•Pixar’s Inside Out in an inspiring global media campaign to promote emotional health and well-being. The Foundation for Self Leadership is thrilled to share the following significant development with the community: Through a joint venture with Education 4 Peace (E4P), both organizations will be launching a global campaign, tentatively named My Inside Team, to promote emotional health and well-being through self-awareness. [Read more…

Teacher Resilience As a Path to Student Resilience

“With all the intense provocations to which we are subjected day in and day out, we need to find a way to keep ourselves firmly grounded and open-hearted.” These were Tim’s early words during his participation at the first online Foundation Forum (Taking Self to School on September 21), quoting from The Larger Self by IFS Developer Richard Schwartz, PhD. Serving as a panelist, Timothy Jungwirth, MEd, was representing 15 other middle school teachers in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Together, the 16 teachers had been engaged in a 10-month-long, 40-hour immersive experience, which was funded, with the help of the community, by the Foundation and led by Jody Nelson, EdD, LMFT and her team. [Read more…

Courageous Conversations Cultivating Community: Safe Space Radio 
Since 2008, Anne Hallward, MD, a psychiatrist in private practice in Portland, Maine, has been offering a unique approach to mental health. As the host of Safe Space Radio, which is broadcast on Public Radio stations across the U.S. and can also be heard online, Anne’s aim is to reduce shame, stigma, and silence by broadcasting courageous conversations about difficult subjects. On an individual level, the show inspires a re-humanization where both listener and guest are granted safe space to welcome home their exiles, feel less alone, and access the courage to start their own conversations. [Read more…]

We invite you to dream with us...

Of a world in which hope is resilient. A world in which individuals of any generation, profession, or background trust that they have what it takes to face a challenging moment or a darkening hour. A world in which the path to the inner wisdom of Self is clear and accessible to all and, through it, the promise of inner harmony and peace in our communities. Give the gift of Self-discovery that lasts a lifetime.[Read more…


Finding Buried Treasure Behind Bars

In Homer’s Odyssey, the blind seer Tiresias cautions Odysseus that the treasure he seeks is not the one he shall find. This is an insight into the journey of personal discovery that rings true for many IFS clients, therapists and agents of social change. The presenting problem may lead us astray in our search for a deeper and more meaningful truth.The promise of this truth is that it can support clients in reframing their quest and finding a more positive and life-affirming path. Well-intentioned, yet ultimately Self-sabotaging parts can send us astray in the search for the very qualities of Self that we seek. [Read more…

From Your Board

Dear Friends of IFS and the Foundation,

As the Foundation enters its sixth year of activity, we all have great cause to celebrate. We dedicate a few lines in this issue of OUTLOOK to review ever so briefly with you a few of the developments made possible through the Foundation. We use the phrase “through the Foundation” rather than “by the Foundation,” because to a large extent we consider the Foundation for Self Leadership to be only one element of a three-way partnership—a partnership that formed naturally to advance emotional healing and well-being in the world through the IFS lens and wisdom of Self.
 [Read more…

IFS and Complex Trauma

The community will be interested to learn that the pilot study Pilot Intervention Center: IFS Therapy for the Treatment of PTSD and Complex Trauma, the first study that was funded by the Foundation (October 2014), has been accepted for publication in Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, and Practice, a peer-reviewed journal. [Read more…


Bridging Parent-Child Relationships: Helping Children and Parents Befriend Parts

While many books have been written about utilizing IFS with adults, only a small handful of publications have addressed how the Model may be used with children. Three such authors include IFS Lead Trainer and Foundation board member Pamela Krause, MSW, LCSW; Arthur Mones, PhD, ABPP; and Lois Ehrmann, PhD, LPC. In the most recent book to hit the shelves, Internal Family Systems Therapy with Children, author and certified IFS therapist Lisa Spiegel, MA, LMHC, brings to life the use of parts work with children through engagingly written case material with her child and family clients. [Read more…


Please see a listing and details of eleven of our accomplishments made possible through our supportive and generous community. [Read more…

Answering the Call: a CSL Update

In response to the amazing and overwhelming demand for all things related to IFS, the Center for Self Leadership is expanding its training and service infrastructure. CSL has employed new administrative and training staff. CSL is pleased to introduce Sara Oberg, who joins the CSL team as Online Business Manager, and Lindsay Garrity as Training Program Site Sourcing Coordinator. CSL is now in the process of hiring two additional administrative positions as well, while new IFS trainers are being hired and promoted. [Read more…  A Growing Resource for You

Since it launched its website, the Foundation has endeavored to develop its website into a valuable resource center for the community, a platform for gathering and sharing news and information, and an archival site for important messages and materials. [Read more…]



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“For over a decade, I have felt the palpable and permanent healing from complex trauma resulting from my own in-depth IFS sessions. As a certified IFS practitioner, I am blessed to witness others’, often dramatic, healing. To say I believe in the healing possibilities through the Model is an understatement. When I heard about the newly formed Foundation for Self Leadership, five years ago while at an IFS retreat, I could not help but be overjoyed that a nonprofit had been created, independent of CSL and to complement CSL’s efforts… [Read more…

From the Editor

A new season is upon us! Children and many adults are now again at school,
falling into routines both new and familiar. Often, this comes with mixed emotions, including excitement about novel learnings, wondering about new friends to be made, and apprehension about personal safety, among others. In a world with sometimes glaring polarizations, threats to our well- being and self-determination, and the busyness of day-to-day life, students, teachers, and parents need more support than ever.
 [Read more…]  


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