The Foundation is pleased to release the April 2016 Edition of OUTLOOK.

Read about the leading development of IFS being recognized as an evidence-based practice by the US-based Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). Through independent review, IFS was listed as promising or effective in improving general functioning and well-being, reducing anxiety disorders, and depression.

 Read also about how practitioners and therapists are finding ways to utilize IFS to expand ease and access to all.

This issue of OUTLOOK features growing IFS communities across the globe; moving stories of personal transformation; several operational updates of Foundation.


In This Issue

From the Board
From the Editor
Research News
   Funding IFS Research
   Request for Proposals
    IFS Evidence Based
In Psychotherapy
   IFS Innovations
   Level One Graduates
Community Connections
   Staying Connected
Stories of Transformation
   Freeway Phobia Girl
Operational Update
   Meet the New Board
   Senior Coordinators
   Donor’s Circle
   2015 Report
   Paying it Forward           
Foundation Friday Debut


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Letter from the Board

Welcome to a new edition of OUTLOOK and to Spring! 

We are pleased to share with you that the Foundation for Self Leadership continues to work creatively and with great dedication toward advancing research to enhance our understanding and use of the IFS model, expanding its application in different settings, and increasing support for IFS trainings to serve marginalized communities.

As you will learn in this edition of OUTLOOK, we have restructured the Board and tapped volunteers as Senior Coordinators in an effort to enhance the Foundation’s operational and programmatic effectiveness. We invite members of the community to stay involved.[read more…]


From the Editor

With this edition of OUTLOOK, we bring to you the inside developments within the Foundation, such as the restructuring of the Board and introduction of our two Senior Coordinators; as well as hear from voices within our larger community about the impact IFS has had upon them both personally and professionally. From recent Level One graduates and IFS innovations to IFS email and social media groups and a personal healing account, we aspire to broaden your vantage and foster connections. We extend an invitation to you, a member of our community, to engage with Foundation activities in whatever capacity suitable.

Research News

Funding IFS Research... One of the Foundation’s key strategic priorities is to advance rigorous IFS research through funding and stewardship. Owing to your support, our first funded project, a pilot study on the effects of IFS on complex trauma, conducted by the Trauma Center and a group of IFS certified therapists, will be completed around July 2016. [read more…]

Request for Research Proposals The Foundation’s Board invites additional IFS research proposals for funding from the IFS community as well as nominations of researchers outside this community who may  be interested in conducting research on the effects of IFS in treating depression, anxiety, PTSD, and general addiction. [read more…]

IFS Evidence Based IFS Now Recognized as Effective & Promising by SAMHSA. [see details…]

In Psychotherapy

IFS Innovations Increasing numbers of practitioners and therapists are creating innovative ways of introducing and utilizing IFS with others, broadening the reach of IFS within and beyond psychotherapy. Creative and clear innovations, such as these, make IFS more accessible and easy to grasp for all populations.  [read more…]
Meet a Few Recent Level One Graduates… The ever-increasing numbers of IFS practitioners and therapists hasten the expansion of the IFS model across the globe. IFS trainees repeatedly report great appreciation for the model, both on personal and professional levels. Individual accounts of graduates bring a palpable energy to our ever-widening circle of community. [read more…]

Community Connections

Staying Connected Over the years a number of email lists and social media outlets have formed expanding connections of many IFS therapists and practitioners across the globe. These online mediums provide a wellspring for sharing IFS related discussions, questions, networking, and referrals with others. To better connect with our growing IFS community consider joining one or more of these lists or groups. [read more…]

Stories of Personal Transformation

IN THEIR OWN WORDS… Paths to healing made possible through IFS are diverse; and so too are the stories of those have taken such journeys. This section makes room for short stories of self-awareness, shared by individuals in their own words, giving personal account of personal transformation, which seems to happen in a moment after a long struggle and last a lifetime. 

Freeway Phobia Girlfrom Oscar-Winning Producer/ScreenwriterAs a true 'California Girl,' and a native born Angelino, I started driving at 15 years of age. I passed the drivers license test on my first try and got in my first accident –a minor fender bender, three days later.[read more…]

Operational Update

Meet the New Board…The Foundation is pleased to announce the appointment of Harley Goldberg, DO, as the new Chair of its Board. Harley is director of medical education and a physician executive with The Permanente Group, Northern California Kaiser Permanente. He has served on the Board since the Foundation was activated in August 2013, and will serve in this new capacity for a three-year term.  [read more…]
Senior Coordinators The Foundation is pleased to have recruited two of our four Senior Coordinators who will coordinate and secure funding for select areas of priority in the development and execution of our missions. Please join the Foundation in extending a warm welcome. [read more…]

Donors Circle: Why Do You Donate to the Foundation… "I support the foundation because of what IFS has given to me - the profound growth it has fostered in my own life and then what it has allowed me to offer on." [read more…]

2015 Report…The Foundation imparts our sincerest gratitude to all of our donors who helped us reach 122,480 USD in 2015, sparked by an anonymous 25,000 USD donation and another 25,000 USD challenge donation, which the community more than matched. [read more…]

Paying It Forward…Clients who feel appreciation for the healing IFS brings may be inspired to catalyze our efforts in research, scholarships, and dissemination of IFS around the world. IFS practitioners and therapists may download these flyers to place in their offices. [read more…]

Foundation Friday Debut…The IFS community is a critical partner in the work of the Foundation for Self Leadership. A few hundred of us gather annually at the IFS Conference, which has played an important role in building this vibrant community. It is within this context that the Foundation chooses to engage with the community in meaningful ways at the annual Conference. [read more…]
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OUTLOOK is an occasional bulletin that the Foundation for Self Leadership will publish to share news relevant to IFS, the IFS community, and developments relating to the Foundation. The ultimate purpose of OUTLOOK is to support the Foundation’s mission of promoting the notion and agency of Self leadership.  [read more…]

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