Watching and playing sports can be emotionally engaging activities. Among youth in particular, such activities are valuable opportunities for developing overall composure and building emotional resilience in the face of adversity.

It is within this context that the Swiss-based foundation, Education 4 Peace, and the U.S.-based Foundation for Self Leadership (or in reverse order in the U.S.) are announcing the creation of the joint Take5 Campaign, a global initiative to promote emotional health and well-being through self-awareness.


In its initial stage, the Campaign will consist of a series of animated videos featuring diverse star athletes from around the globe who have reached the stature of public role models. The videos are animated and will also feature characters from Disney•Pixar’s Inside Out.

The 60-second videos will convey messages by the athletes and lessons learned from challenging experiences they faced on and off the field. They will clearly share how they built resilience by being attuned to their emotions in stressful moments during games and in their lives. As one of our ambassadors, soccer (football) star Zinédine Zidane affirmed: “I am convinced that self-awareness has an impact on performance and will contribute to the beauty of tomorrow’s football (soccer).”

We are pleased to further announce that Pixar Animation Studios is supporting the Campaign by assisting in the development of the videos, which are being produced by Soap Box Films.

“We are thrilled to be working with The Foundation for Self Leadership and Education 4 Peace on this unique and exciting campaign," says Jonathan Garson, SVP Worldwide Marketing & Franchise at Pixar Animation Studios. "We love any opportunity for our films and characters to have a profound impact on the community, and we are delighted to be a part of this great initiative.”

The Campaign will also benefit from a growing network of strategic partners in the fields of sports, health, education, and human development.