We invite you to support the Foundation for Self Leadership during this season of holidays and make the cause of the Foundation one of the causes you consistently support. The 501(c)(3) Foundation accepts regular cash donations or gifts of stock.

Here is a sample of some significant accomplishments your partnership with us made possible, along with new priorities in which we hope to engage and for which we need your continued stewardship:

Evidence-Based Status. Building on the IFS research paper by Shadick, Sowell et al., we prepared a detailed application to the

U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration requesting evidence—based status for IFS. As you know by now, SAMHSA now recognizes the IFS clinical treatment as evidence-based practice, includes it in its registry (NREPP), and identified 5 outcomes that are effective or promising (improving general well-being, anxiety, depression, physical health conditions, and personal resilience). Please check this out.

We believe this milestone is truly remarkable for the health of this professional community and the ongoing growth of the model, especially given the fact that it has been accomplished largely using volunteer time. Going forward, it is very important to the interests of the IFS community that the Foundation be adequately funded in order to continue its work and expand on this accomplishment. We invite to support this effort at FoundationIFS.org/donate.

Please note that we intend to submit an update in 5 years with even more positive outcomes. We are grateful to the many volunteers who made this possible, from participating therapists and researchers to members of initial research committees.

PTSD Research. We funded the first pilot study examining the effects of IFS on treating PTSD. The preliminary results of this study, led by the Trauma Center and a group of IFS therapists, are very promising and robust. Please stay tuned for results this summer, which we hope will lead to more comprehensive research studies. We hope to continue funding similar studies and conduct additional research on the fidelity of the now-validated IFS adherence scale.

Annotation Project. We funded Phase I of an annotation project of major IFS writings, which is now complete thanks to Jenn Matheson and her team. We will post the preliminary listing on the Foundation’s website research pages and plan to build an online searchable library to host the results and continue managing this important research-supportive effort.

Future Research. We plan to review and support future research that studies the physiological effects of IFS. This is an important priority, which will support the expansion of IFS within and beyond psychotherapy.

Global Emotional Awareness Campaign. Building on our relationship with Pixar since the pre-screening of Inside Out, the Foundation is partnering with Education 4 Peace to launch a far-reaching sustainable public campaign through major sports events and celebrities, as a start, to promote emotional discovery and awareness. We are in the early stages of exploring possibilities with Pixar for using the Inside Out characters as representative of these emotions. This will help bring the concepts of parts and Self far and wide.

Communication & Development. As we build the Foundation as a viable not-for-profit entity, we have assembled a committed, creative team of volunteers and professionals and put in place needed operational systems and processes. We have launched our news bulletin, OUTLOOK, and are expanding our presence online and on social media.

The Foundation’s Board thanks you very much for your commitment to advancing IFS and for your ongoing friendship.

Frank Anderson, Chair; Lester Fagen; Harley Goldberg; Toufic Hakim; Mark Milton; and Nancy Shadick


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