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A Series of Short Videos – Interactive Webinars & Experiences – Useful Coping Tools


When the world outside seems to be closing in, from the pandemic to polarized politics, activating within us sadness and anxiety about loss in all its forms (threatening our health, lives, income, and physical freedoms among other concerns), we’re called upon to go inside…to find strength, hope, and wisdom. This program intends to help guide us through such discovery.


Resources, Tools and Explorations brought to YOU by the Foundation for Self Leadership to help you navigate and transcend today’s crisis with greater trust and resiliency for tomorrow.

By Whom

This program is developed in partnership with IFS practitioners to whom the Foundation is deeply grateful: Joanna Curry-Sartori, LMFT; Jacqueline Germain, MS, ND; Brian Jaudon; Seth Kopald, PhD; Ray Mount, PhD; Anna Tansi, MS Org Psych; and Theresa Walsh Valendzas, MS.

For Whom

School Educators, Staff & Principals – Small-Business Owners & Entrepreneurs – Parents & Caregivers – Healthcare Professionals, First-Responders and their Families


To inspire YOU to put the current crisis in better perspective; experience internal relief, calm, and hope; build stronger and lasting Self-connections; be more present for self and others; and cope more effectively with the overwhelming demands of the day (and beyond).


Live programs in May and June, 2020. Recordings will be made available and posted on our innervention YouTube Channel.


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