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A Series of Short Videos – Interactive Webinars & Experiences – Useful Coping Tips & Tools

This program is made possible in partnership with a team of IFS practitioners:

Joanna Curry-Sartori, LMFT, is a founding executive director of the Self-Leadership Collaborative, an organization championing the development and integration of a new social and emotional learning model for schools inspired by Internal Family Systems. Joanna has been a leader, teacher and program director in the field of wellness, mindfulness and yoga for over 20 years and since 2013 has implemented her training as a Marriage and Family Therapist to support well-being all levels in school systems.

Jacqueline Germain, MS, ND, is a co-founder of The Connecticut Center for Health and has practiced natural family medicine since 1983. Prior to medical school, she studied Botany, Religious Studies and Environmental Science. She recently completed Internal Family Systems levels 1 and 2 at Central CT State University and completed a certificate program in Narrative Medicine at Columbia University. She is passionate about overall well-being integrating these modalities with individuals and groups as well as organizations.

Brian Jaudon is a business coach and alchemist specializing in team development and creating values-driven organizations. He guides teams and companies in creating true alignment between their vision, strategy and values. Brian’s clients range from small family-owned businesses to large corporations in multiple industries throughout North America. He draws on his extensive training in the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model and is the co-author of the IFS-Inspired Coaching course delivered in partnership with the IFS Institute.

Seth Kopald, PhD, is an Insight Coach who leads individual sessions, couple communication sessions, and groups, creating a safe space and guiding people to care for themselves in a loving and insightful way. Seth became an IFS practitioner in 2012 and has contributed to the IFS community by initiating the IFS Self-led Parenting and the Parts Art Facebook pages. He has developed IFS-related parenting videos and podcasts, and written articles on parenting and couples communication. He is also a staff member for IFS trainings. Most recently, he coaches principals participating in bringing IFS to their schools. Seth holds a PhD in Organizational Management with a Specialization in Leadership and holds a Masters in Education.

Ray Mount, PhD, is a practicing IF-certified psychologist in Wakefield, Massachusetts, with over 30 years experience seeing individuals, families and groups. Ray has served as program assistant for IFS training programs. A US veteran, he is currently working on a Nature based IFS program to bring healing through IFS to veterans and nature lovers.

Anna Tansi, MS Org. Psych, began her career as a Registered Dietitian, focused on the whole health of human beings. After she got her MS in Org Psychology, she re-tooled her focus to supporting the health of human systems as people collaborate to get work done. She provides facilitation, coaching and consulting expertise to organizations of all kinds, as they explore how to care for and optimize the work environment while also attending to/caring for their own inner systems.

Theresa Velendzas, MS, is the founder of Altraform where she helps clients with wellness self-advocacy, a core life principle that she learned from the beloved elderly she worked with in various long-term care settings. In addition to her studies in Psychology and Health Care Management, Theresa holds certifications in Fitness and Internal Family Systems (IFS). A mom and spouse to an ER Physician on the frontlines of COVID-19, she offers tools for grounding ourselves so that we can help others.