After a hiatus in 2020 due the CoVID-19 pandemic, IFS Institute hosted an online conference in October 2021, which was very well-attended (bringing participants from 44 countries together) and highly engaging. Restoring Wholeness was the theme of the Conference and, in addition to a pre-conference program that focused on diversity, inclusion and equity, the program endeavored to show how IFS can contribute to collective healing.

Thanks to the Institute's support, the Foundation was visible and involved.

1. A 10-minute inspiring message from its Executive Director, Toufic Hakim, PhD, entitled ALL IN THIS, TOGETHER, was presented on Friday morning preceding the Friday plenary.

He discussed why and how efforts are being pursued to expand empirical evidence for IFS through research and to broaden access to IFS on many fronts. And he made four special announcements.

2. During the lunch period, the Foundation presented a compelling 33-minute video montage, From Self to Society, in which members, associates and friends of the Foundation presented thoughts and ideas about the positive value and collective benefits of promoting the paradigm and practice of Self leadership within the larger society, especially in the context of today's challenges and crises.

Areas covered focused on expanding research and examination of evidence, broadening access to healing and resilience through IFS (to schools, among veterans and servicemembers, and in traditionally marginalized communities), and engaging in advocacy (through community connections, conversations, and giving).

3. The Foundation also hosted six community rooms for conferees to meet informally. Lively conversations were hosted in these virtual rooms around themes of common interest.

- IFS Research - Hosted by Ilanit Tal, PhD: One of the Foundation’s lead strategic priorities is to advance rigorous and independent IFS-clinical research. Please join us to learn more about the status of funded studies and possibly to engage in the effort.

- IFS Healing Corps | In support of Military Veterans & Servicemembers - Hosted by Ray Mount, PhD & Beau Laviolette, LCSW - There is ample experiential evidence that the IFS protocol can help alleviate suffering from PTSD and suicidal ideations. Please join this room to learn about efforts to make IFS accessible to the military veterans and active-duty community and to be a part of these efforts.

- IFS Leadership Fellows Program - Hosted by Rquina Barnes, LICSW & Kathy Cox, MSW, LICSW - Join us to learn about this new program sponsored by the Foundation and the Institute to support and help facilitate deeper harmony within communities that have traditionally been marginalized.

- Self Leadership in Schools - Hosted by Joanna Curry-Sartori, LMFT - The Foundation funded two large IFS-in-Schools projects, whose directors have introduced the paradigm and practice of IFS and Self leadership for adults in schools. Join us to learn more and become engaged in this significant forward-looking, future-leaning endeavor. This too will take a village.

- OUTLOOK & Community Connections - Hosted by Michelle Glass, CIFSP & Shaun Dempsey, PhD - The Foundation has published 14 issues of its semi-annual magazine OUTLOOK, through which hundreds of stories and developments have been shared. Join us to learn more and engage as a writer or share your story for publication.

- Meet the Foundation’s Leadership - Hosted by Vicki McCoy, MA - Foundation staff and volunteer associates and the volunteer Board of Directors work diligently to advance the mission of the Foundation. Join this community room to meet some of them and learn more about programs that the Foundation is pursuing. The Foundation is always seeking volunteers from this community to engage in its activities and high-quality IFS-related applications to incubate.