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To Our Dedicated Volunteers, Thank you.

The work of the Foundation depends on the dedication of a community of volunteers who have been generous with their time, efforts, and creative thoughts. We thank those of you who have volunteered (and will volunteer) on the Foundation’s behalf.

2015 Volunteers | 2013-2014 Volunteers

We appreciate that you are sharing these precious resources with us on this collective journey and recognize your commitment to bringing the notion of Self Leadership and its transformative potential to all individuals. Your participation is making a tangible difference. To borrow from an inspiring statement in a New Jersey substance abuse treatment center brochure (Summit Behavioral Health): Alone each of us can climb mountains; together we can move them!

There are too many volunteers to list (which itself is a positive statement, and we always need more in a variety of ways).

Please reach us to us at Outreach@FoundationIFS.org to be further engaged with the Foundation's work. The Foundation acknowledges the efforts of its volunteer Board; members of the CSL staff who have given freely to support the Foundation, including Mary Mitrovich, Sandy Ellis, and Ashley Curley; Group i&i Consultancy; and the following individuals who have participated in a number of activities related to research, advocacy, and operational development. A big and warm Thank You to All.

2015 Volunteers

  • Team Coordinator - Jill Stanzler-Katz
  • Board Meetings’ Support - Barbara Levine
  • Database Management & OUTLOOK Production - Michelle Glass
  • Foundation Symposium & Events at the Annual Conference - Laura Crandall, Jennifer Matheson, and Pam Krause
  • Fundraising Events - Fran Booth, Gail Hardenberg, Marilyn Unger-Reipe
  • Mailing & Distribution - Carol Graybeal Research Intake - Diane Cullum-Dugan
  • Website Technical Development & Support- Grant Leitheiser
  • Writing Support - Keren Fortier, Karen Locke, and Laura Taylor

2013-2014 Volunteers

Jim Alves Paul Ginter Saul Kerpelman Michael Mithoefer
Kerri Anderson Marushka Glissen Jacqueline Kikuchi Patti Pierson
Josh Bassarear Rob Hartz Steve Krantz Jean Robinson
Michael Belus Darryl Hoover Pamela Krause Julie Sayre
Frances Booth Wendy Hrubec François Le Doze Rana Shanawani
Ralph Cohen Rachel Jacobs John Livingstone Ann Sinko
Laura Crandall Deborah Jassem Jenn Matheson Jan Weathers
Alane Daugherty Brian Jaudon Jennifer McClave Kathy Wiener
Lois Ehrmann Regina Kelly Jan McClure Nancy Wonder
Richard Fox Donna Kerpelman Jackie Michoe Ilanit Young