Your Foundation has done effective groundwork and is poised to achieve a number of short-term priorities:

  1. Expand the pool of empirical data by sponsoring at least one independent empirical research study.
  2. Help kids take a few moments before impulsively reacting to a challenging interaction through a Take5 global media campaign on emotional awareness and fitness, featuring animated characters from Disney/Pixar’s Inside Out movie.
  3. Give war veterans greater access to deeper healing by sponsoring agency-wide IFS training and research at one VA center at a minimum.
  4. Promote emotional learning and development and facilitate more peaceful environments within schools by immersing at least 40 teachers in an extensive Self-leadership program.

Highest-Priority Objectives & Projects

1. Research on Treating PTSD with IFS:

 Seeking $60,000 USD to fund an additional, independent cutting-edge study on the efficacy of IFS in treating PTSD and depression.

Context: Thanks to funding from the community, the Foundation has sponsored two pilot research studies examining the efficacy of IFS in treating complex traumatic experiences (completed) and physiological effects of IFS on client and therapist (ongoing). Our next challenge is to build on these studies’ encouraging results to catalyze, support, or inspire further studies probing the efficacy of IFS as a treatment choice for clients with PTSD. Building empirical evidence on the efficacy of IFS remains a key priority for the Foundation.

Complementing this effort, the Foundation will continue to: (a) Expand its new online searchable IFS repository; (b) Seek to support smaller IFS studies, brain-imaging studies among them; and (c) Engage in outreach efforts to promote IFS among academics and researchers in higher education, our “IFS Research Fellowship Awards Program” serving as one such effort.

2. Self-Awareness & Emotional Fitness for Kids: Seeking $250,000 USD to produce and launch the first two animated Public-Service Videos of the Take5 Media Campaign.

Context: The Campaign is designed to share meaningful lessons by famous athletes about emotional awareness learned from their experiences on the athletic field and off the field. In short animated entertaining stories, it will be shown how less-than-desirable behaviors they exhibited could have been avoided had they been aware of their emotions and led their emotions rather than be led by them. The objective is to inspire kids to take a brief moment, Take5 as it were, to listen to their emotions before impulsively reacting or behaving violently or inappropriately during a challenging difficult interaction. This global Take5 media campaign will be run in collaboration with a sister Swiss organization, Education 4 Peace, and, we’re very pleased to share, in collaboration with Disney/Pixar, which is sharing the Inside Out characters for use in the video segments and will provide creative insights and input.

3. Deeper Healing for Veterans: Seeking $85,000 USD to host IFS trainings at one VA center, combined with rigorous research to examine the effects of the training on the mental health professionals and the war veterans being served. This effort will support 30 practitioners and 10,000 veterans through them.

Context: There is a serious need for more effective treatment for PTSD to assist military veterans who are struggling with the effects of war trauma and PTSD.  A significantly large number of Veterans returning from war zones continue to suffer, suicide rates among returning veterans in the U.S. remain troublingly high, the outcomes on families in all cases are devastating, and the transition to civilian life does not appear to be easy or smooth. Existing treatment modalities do not seem to be sustainably effective. Practitioners and veterans who have used IFS shared promising results, affirmed by the mounting empirical data. Our attempt is to bring IFS to the attention to the VA through sponsored training and rigorous research.

Complementing this Effort: The Foundation is building relations with a number of veteran-oriented organizations to offer a variety of services directly to veterans through a group of IFS-trained volunteers.

4. Emotional Learning in Schools: Seeking $65,000 to introduce 300 teachers to notions of self leadership and immerse 40 teachers in a 10-month-long empowerment program of Self-discovery and Self-leadership.

Context: In an ambitious attempt to promote IFS notions of Parts and Self and expand self-awareness among students as a way to usher in greater social harmony and inner resilience, we will be launching educational programs to introduce teachers and parents to concepts of Self leadership as one strategy for reaching students. Such an effort builds on what a few members of the community have started doing and will be build on a successful one-year effort at two middle schools in the city of Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota. An independent evaluation will examine how this effort will affect teachers and assess a series of outcomes on students within the classroom and daily activities.

Complementing this Effort: The Foundation is working on a plan with committed IFS-trained practitioners, who have been actively bringing IFS to schools, to expand teacher programs, build a IFS-informed teacher community, launch an advocacy effort in that space, and build partnerships with like-minded organizations.