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OUTLOOK is a semi-annual magazine of the Foundation for Self Leadership—published, twice a year in print and online. The Foundation, a nonprofit incorporated in the State of Illinois, USA, is dedicated to fostering emotional and relational healing and wellbeing through the IFS lens of the human psyche and its related psychotherapy/coaching modality.

The magazine is mailed in hard copy to over 300 individuals/households, a number steadily increasing; shared through direct email with nearly 60,000 members of the growing IFS community of practice (with a consistent high percentage of “openings” and “clicking”); and posted permanently on the Foundation’s OUTLOOK website (in html and PDF). The 14th issue of OUTLOOK is due for publication in October 2021.

The recipients/readers of OUTLOOK consist of psychologists and psychotherapists, life and business coaches, therapy clients, and a wide range of individuals who care about the world of emotions and how they affect behavior.

The magazine is created to share with a growing community of practice developments in the areas of emotional health and wellbeing, especially as they pertain to a parts-Self paradigm of the human psyche and psychotherapy protocol that are gaining popularity. Through a combination of writings by the editors, contributed pieces, and news items, OUTLOOK highlights the community’s work to disseminate hope and make the case that inner peace can foster outer peace (hence the magazine’s name).