The work of the Foundation depends in large measure on the efforts of a number of volunteer partners and associates.

The Foundation's Board and Directors, as well as the larger community, are pleased to have them on board and are grateful for their efforts and dedication.

Michele Bruce

Michele Bruce, B.A., Operational Associate

Michele Bruce supports various aspects of the foundation’s operations; particularly in the areas of research coordination, board activities, and events planning. Michele holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Westfield State University. She began her career in Human Resources at a large medical device company. For two years now, after spending many years as a stay-at-home mother, she has been serving as Assistant to Richard Schwartz, PhD, and Founder of The Center for Self Leadership. Michele looks forward to lending her creative skills to the Foundation.



Michelle Glass

Michelle Glass, B.A., Editor of OUTLOOK and Donor Stewardship Associate

Michelle is a Level 3 Trained Certified IFS Practitioner, Alternative Counselor, and Spiritual Emergence Coach. With 12 years of IFS experience, Michelle comes to it from the bottom up, having deeply learned the Model from the inside as a client for many years before becoming a practitioner. She is the author of Daily Parts Meditation Practice: A Journey of Embodied Integration for Clients and Therapists, a valued method of deep embodiment of the IFS Model. She presented her process at the 2016 Annual IFS Conference. She is a very active volunteer with the Foundation for Self-Leadership and brings her love of the Model to further the mission as Editor of the newsletter, OUTLOOK, as well as Donor Stewardship Associate. Michelle looks forward to creating future editions of OUTLOOK and to connecting with more of the IFS community. Michelle lives in Eugene, Oregon and was a stay-at-home mother of two daughters for 17 years before becoming an IFS Practitioner.



Libby Halstead

Libby Halstead, MBA, Senior Coordinator

Libby Halstead, Senior Coordinator for IFS Dissemination and Advocacy Beyond Psychotherapy, has over 15 years’ experience in strategy implementation, organizational learning, and executive coaching. She works with Change Logic, LLC in Boston, and was formerly a consultant at McKinsey & Co. She designs and implements leadership programs in industries from financial services to healthcare to high tech. A native speaker of French and fluent in German, she previously lived in Europe for 20 years. Libby completed IFS Level II Training and is a past presenter at the IFS Conference. “I am excited to help amplify and provide connectivity as people translate and apply IFS principles to promote peace, human health and development," says Libby in response to her new position.



Grant Leitheiser

Grant Leitheiser, MS, LMFT, Web Developer

Grant joined the foundation after becoming energized in a level 2 IFS training; when he heard there was a group of people were dedicated and working hard to advance IFS through research and community outreach. He primarily dedicates his time to the website and helping spread the OUTLOOK publication to as wide an audience as possible. He is a father of three, is into trail running, has a mental health private practice near San Francisco, California and is passionate about mixing movement arts like parkour and strength training with mental health wellness and empowerment. “I am honored to be a part of this team, bringing IFS ‘out of the box,’ to help individuals and whole communities find the healing and joy we so desperately need these days. I offer an immense ‘thank you’ to the foundation.”



Mary Mitrovich

Mary Mitrovich, B.A., Financial Controller

Mary Mitrovich, serves as the Foundation’s Controller in a part-time and as-needed capacity. Mary is not new to IFS, having supported the Center for Self Leadership as its Controller for the last 10 years. The Foundation and Center maintained totally separate, unmingled accounts, distinct financial controls, and individualized reporting systems. Prior to her responsibility as a controller, degrees in business administration and mathematics in hand, Mary successfully and quickly worked her way up to General Manager of a large chain of commercial stores, overseeing 100 staff members, and growing the business. She embraces the importance of family and took time away to focus on raising her children, who are now engaged in undergraduate or graduate education. Within the IFS community and organizational staff, she finds her second family: “One could not find a nicer bunch of people. What a nice community and work environment! I feel connected with the people and wonderful work they do for others and the world.”

Jenn Matheson

Jenn Matheson, Ph.D., LMFT, Senior Coordinator

Jenn Matheson, Senior Coordinator for IFS Research & Expansion within Psychotherapy, has been an active member of the IFS community and the initial IFS Research Team Coordinating Committee. She just completed the first phase of the IFS Annotation Project and is planning the next phase to be steered by volunteers. Owner of her own private practice, she specializes in treating individuals, couples, and families dealing with grief, loss, and trauma. Jenn is currently President of the Colorado Association for Marriage and Family Therapists and Adjunct Professor at the University of Colorado-Denver. In her former role as a tenured Associate Professor at Colorado State University, Jenn conducted NIDA-funded research, advised master's and doctoral research projects, and has presented on qualitative methods such as conducting and publishing clinical case study research. She is dedicated to the advancement of IFS research and spreading the clinical reach of the model across all mental health professions. She is excited to work with members of the IFS and research communities to continue the model's recognition and use across the world.



Lizzy Southwell

Lizzy Southwell, B.A., IFS Research Fidelity Coordinator

Lizzy completed her degree in Psychology with a minor in French at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire. She is an employee of the Trauma Center in Brookline, Massachusetts, where she performs coordination and/or clinical assessments for the Internal Family Systems Study, the Child Neurofeedback Study, the Developmental Trauma Disorder Study and the Yoga Program. In addition, she is a practicing neurofeedback technician. She hopes to someday become a trained Internal Family Systems clinician and to open her own psychotherapy practice."



Jill Stanzler Katz

Jill Stanzler-Katz, LICSW, Volunteer Coordinator

Jill Stanzler-Katz, LICSW, who has been a practicing psychotherapist, clinical supervisor and consultant for over 30 years, will coordinate this team of volunteers. Reflecting the enthusiasm that volunteers have frequently expressed, she is “thrilled to be a part of the growth and advancement of IFS” and “loves helping to create community and cultivating leadership within organizations.” She underscored her particular interest in helping to create more diversity within the IFS community by developing ways to bring IFS into organizations and agencies serving less-advantaged populations. Such an outcome is very consistent with the Foundation’s values and priorities for its envisioned IFS training scholarship program.



Casita Wild

Casita Negron Wild, M.A., Operational Associate

Casita Negron Wild will be supporting various aspects of the foundation; particularly in the areas of strategic communication and development, research coordination, and general operational and online activities. Casita received a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, as well as a M.A. in Higher Education Administration from Lesley University. In 2010 she joined a medical interpreter organization that successfully launched a credentialing certification program; resulting in legislation in four states. Prior to the National Board she worked at Harvard University’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences as the Department Administrator. She looks forward to supporting the efforts of the Foundation and contributing to its success.