The work of the Foundation depends in large measure on the efforts of a number of volunteer partners and associates.

The Foundation's Board and Directors, as well as the larger community, are pleased to have them on board and are grateful for their efforts and dedication.

Michele Bruce

Michele Bruce, B.A., Operational Associate

Michele Bruce supports various aspects of the foundation’s operations; particularly in the areas of research coordination, board activities, and events planning. Michele holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Westfield State University. She began her career in Human Resources at a large medical device company. For two years now, after spending many years as a stay-at-home mother, she has been serving as Assistant to Richard Schwartz, PhD, and Founder of The Center for Self Leadership. Michele looks forward to lending her creative skills to the Foundation.



Shaun Dempsey

Shaun Dempsey, PhD, Clinical Psychologist

Shaun, a Certified IFS Therapist in full-time private practice in North Queensland, Australia, specializes in working with adults who have experienced complex trauma related to childhood abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse. Shaun, who began IFS in 2016 with the IFS Online Circle and completed Levels 1 and 2 in 2018, provides supervision for experienced clinicians around complex cases.

As Assistant Editor, Shaun contributes many of our feature articles as well as engages in the review and dissemination process. As OUTLOOK expands, his efforts will ensure our continued growth. (OUTLOOK has naturally evolved from twelve pages to fourty-four pages and counting over the past nine editions. Perhaps we’ll be a full-fledged magazine one day.) “I’m very excited about my new role as assistant editor and am already enjoying the opportunity to meet and talk with interesting people who are highly IFS-focused,” Shaun shares. “I’m delighted to be able to contribute to OUTLOOK’s publication and, through that, hope to be a small part of community building for IFS in Australia and internationally.” While not helping his clients, working, or writing for OUTLOOK, Shaun enjoys riding his bike, hanging out in the bush, and dodging the summertime heat by swimming with his wife and two young children. Shaun may be contacted at



Audrey Fernandez-Fraser

Audrey Fernandez-Fraser, LCSW, MDiv, Social Media Coordinator

Audrey is a therapist currently practicing at Downtown Psychiatric Group in Lower Manhattan, providing weekly therapy to approximately 35 individuals and couples of diverse cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds alongside more than 40 other therapists, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners. She learned IFS in 2009 when her therapist began using its concepts, which inspired her to take Level 1 in 2016 with Ralph Cohen, PhD, LMFT, and Ann Sinko, LMFT.

As part of her new role with the Foundation, Audrey will be running two Twitter accounts: (1) an internal one for the community to share developments about the Foundation, and (2) an externally facing one through which we may share broader messages and engage in thought leadership. Audrey and Sharayah will collaborate on identifying organizations to follow or court for the latter. Audrey is fascinated with the intersections and unions between disparate parts, people, modalities, and cultures, having been raised in a multicultural household and discovering various passionately and (ostensibly) conflicting opinions among her internal parts.

“My intellectual, religious, skeptical, gregarious, therapeutic, and activist parts, to name a few, are thrilled at the opportunity to forge new connections, conversations, and potential collaborations between the IFS community and like-minded people in other modalities, cultures, and walks of life,” she declares. Audrey aspires to bring Self energy to the Twitterverse through appreciation of protective efforts, expressions of compassion toward the downtrodden and exiled among us, and curious questions far and wide, along with some good Self-led memes. Audrey can be reached at, where she welcomes suggestions for Twitter outreach. Follow her efforts on Twitter at @FoundationIFS and @FriendsofIFS, and tweet back!



Michelle Glass

Michelle Glass, B.A., Editor of OUTLOOK and Donor Stewardship Associate

Michelle is a Level 3 Trained Certified IFS Practitioner, Alternative Counselor, and Spiritual Emergence Coach. With 12 years of IFS experience, Michelle comes to it from the bottom up, having deeply learned the Model from the inside as a client for many years before becoming a practitioner. She is the author of Daily Parts Meditation Practice: A Journey of Embodied Integration for Clients and Therapists, a valued method of deep embodiment of the IFS Model. She presented her process at the 2016 Annual IFS Conference. She is a very active volunteer with the Foundation for Self-Leadership and brings her love of the Model to further the mission as Editor of the newsletter, OUTLOOK, as well as Donor Stewardship Associate. Michelle looks forward to creating future editions of OUTLOOK and to connecting with more of the IFS community. Michelle lives in Eugene, Oregon and was a stay-at-home mother of two daughters for 17 years before becoming an IFS Practitioner.



Ilanit Tal

Ilanit Tal, PhD, Senior Research Manager

Ilanit Tal, PhD, joined our team at the Foundation this spring as Senior Research Manager. In this new role, she provides leadership, management, coordination, and support regarding IFS research activities stimulated through the Foundation.

After completing her PhD in Evolutionary Psychology in 2009, she worked in clinical research at the Department of Veterans Affairs with a focus on burnout, depression, suicide, and bereavement. While at the San Diego VA, she also chaired the hospital’s Complementary and Integrative Health committee and led efforts to connect a community of VA clinicians using IFS, collaborating with them and the Foundation to develop a proposed pilot research program for the VA. Ilanit, along with her enthusiastic manager parts, is excited to bring her skills and experience to support the Foundation’s continued efforts to build on the evidence base that will bring healing to more people who could benefit from IFS, including veterans.

She was first introduced to the Model when her dear friend and colleague, Jan McClure, PhD, RN, invited her to observe one of her sessions with her IFS therapist. From that point on, she began to get to know her own parts and experience healing through IFS. Ilanit feels connected to the IFS community through attending workshops at Esalen with Richard Schwartz, PhD, for the past six years.

In her spare time, she can be found practicing and teaching yoga. She is a polyglot and enjoys traveling and immersing herself in other cultures. Ilanit is happiest when she is singing and dancing.



Daniel Fermin

Daniel Fermin, Financial Coordinator

Daniel Fermin is now serving as the Foundation’s Controller. We embrace Daniel’s involvement and send at the same time our warmest expression of gratitude to Mary Mitrovich, who had served us in this capacity outstandingly well since 2013 when the Foundation was reactivated.

Daniel worked previously with two nonprofits as a financial supervisor and coordinator of financial and accounting processes and budgeting, monitoring compliance with standards and regulations, tracking and reporting on financial transactions, and supporting the development of financial policies and procedures. His work with grants will be quite valu- able for us as we enter a new grant-seeking phase in support of our new strategic priorities.



Kelly Gaule

Kelly Gaule, Senior Development Associate

Kelly Gaule has recently joined the Foundation as Senior Development Advisor & Associate. At this time in our critical organizational development, it is important for the Foundation to work closely with a seasoned professional to help build out our development and friend-raising program. Despite significantly growing demand for training, IFS still appears to many of us as a best-kept secret. We would like to work with the community to change that, especially that many within and outside our community would love to engage and support our work. Kelly will be involved to help raise the visibility of our programs and priorities and establish relationships with a broadening network of supporters.

Kelly has operated successfully in the development space for two decades. Over the last decade, she has built her Promus+ practice, effectively serving numerous nonprofits with diverse missions. For her, the engagement with the Foundation is well aligned with her personal interest of doing work that has significant social meaning and deep impact on our world and humanity.