Mission & Goals

Supporting IFS Research, Training, and Advocacy.

Toward realizing this multi-faceted vision within the healing professions and among people as an effective tool for better living, the Foundation will accomplish three tangible goals:

  1. To support Research in order to establish IFS as an evidence-based practice within psychotherapy and beyond, promoting Healing, Well-being and Self Leadership.
  2. To broaden access to IFS trainings through Scholarships for students and individuals with limited financial resources.
  3. To engage in Advocacy and outreach on behalf of IFS, with the intent of expanding its reach within and beyond psychotherapy in the global community as a new paradigm for better governance and living.

To advance these goals, the Foundation will build an operationally adequate infrastructure and support an ongoing fundraising effort, involving core volunteers and a lean staff, and will remain flexible and agile in response to emerging opportunities and changes in the external landscape.

Graph Funding Priorities

Take a closer look at an overview of the prospective universe of IFS applications.

Objectives & Strategies