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The social movement toward greater social and racial equity and justice rooted in the US and spreading the world over has activated within all of us challenging feelings and concerns, from indignation and anger to disbelief, fear and mistrust.

And at a time when society needs to heal, not everyone sees the situation the same way. One's life's experience, upbringing, cultural milieu, and extent of emotional self-awareness clearly influence one's perspective and judgment. Instead, we see a widening societal divide.

This external polarization could be a reflection of our internal polarizations and the strong desire by quiet parts we each hold inside of us that we listen and pay attention... Some of these concerns have been passed on to us through cultures and generations.

The Foundation will host a series of panel discussions to address this and other societal issues from the viewpoint of what images they paint inside of us (our inner reactions and responses to them): legacy burdens, extreme parts and polarization, and the wisdom of Self leadership inner lends.

Please join us. All panel discussions are open to the IFS and broader communities.

Sunday, July 19
4 pm Eastern US
(90 minutes)


Watch the recording of the session.

  • Explore ways to be and behave during times of racial tension.

  • Acknowledge the collective trauma and grief.

  • Examine how the parts-Self paradigm of IFS can be helpful in moments like these.


  • Requina Barnes, LICSW (Moderator) specializes in relationships, attachment and trauma. Through her Boston, MA, private practice, she works primarily with men, women, and couples of color. Requina is a member of the Foundation for Self Leadership Board of Directors.

  • Chris Burris, LCMHCS, LMFT, is a Senior Lead Trainer who serves on the Diversity Committee for IFS Institute. In addition to having an active clinical practice, Chris's focus has been on social engagement, eldering, and diversity issues—supporting a dedication to making the IFS Model available and accessible to diverse populations and supporting a more wholistic care of the greater global community.

  • Fatimah Finney, LMHC, is an IFS therapist and a yoga instructor. She provides therapy, workshops and yoga experiences centered on holistic wellness. Her private practice is in Boston, MA and she is passionate about helping underserved communities access mental health services.

  • Nancy Sowell, MSW, LICSW, is an IFS Senior Trainer who teaches frequently in Europe and the U.S. She is a teaching associate at Harvard Medical School where she’s been a clinical supervisor for over 20 years. As a new grandmother, Nancy is freshly reminded of how legacies are transferred from generation to generation. With a commitment to being courageously honest with herself, she is striving to deeply understand how the legacy of racism is alive in and around her and to heal racism from the inside out.

  • Deran Young, LCSW, is the Founder of Black Therapists Rock, an organization that includes over 20,000 professionals committed to reducing intergenerational trauma in marginalized communities. Earlier this year, she was personally recruited by Brene Brown to consult on the inclusiveness of her current Belonging Statement and to inspire other corporate leaders to operationalize diversity in their organizational practices and policies.

The Foundation expresses deep gratitude to each of these panelists for their willingness to engage in this program and share their views and experiences.