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“A hero is an ordinary individual
who finds the strength to persevere and endure
in spite of overwhelming obstacles.”
_Christopher Reeve

mask hope 2020

With gratitude and compassion, our hearts are with all of you out there… each of you a hero, whether serving on the front lines or struggling to breathe, committing special acts of kindness or helping to sustain our societies’ basic needs, trying hard to cultivate calm and hope while sheltering at home, without a home, or adjusting to a new reality of schooling and work.

We wish you health and resilience in this challenging and lingering crisis and beyond.

Please stay connected and tell us how you're coping and accessing Self leadership to find solace and strength during these unusually difficult months. Consider sharing your stories, drawings and illustrations, audio and video messages on the Foundation’s social media platforms.

And consider taking part in our innervention program, designed to provide you guidance on how to cope effectively in today’s crisis and what may come next. Share it widely. Invite others, schoolteachers and school staff, business owners and entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals, and parents to listen in and use the collection of valuable tools. Many could benefit. We make this offering to lend a helping hand and a warm hug from afar.

You’re in our thoughts. Please stay safe.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
_Ralph Waldo Emerson

Envision with us a world in which…

Hope is resilient.

Individuals of any generation, profession, or background trust that they have what it takes within them to face any challenging moment or darkening hour.

Each of us is enabled to bring a healthy dose of compassion, curiosity, calm, and love to adversities around us.

This is the promise of Self-discovery and Self-leadership: that we each host inner wisdom that can guide us in the toughest periods of our lives.

Driven by this vision, the Foundation is leading efforts and programs to promote access to inner wisdom by fostering Self-discovery and development as a path to emotional healing and wellbeing.

The Foundation promotes the lens, language, clinical protocol, and paradigm of internal parts and Self leadership, which are key elements of the evidence-based IFS model, as a vehicle for personal growth, individual and relational healing, and greater harmony in our lives. We are working in many settings to foster peace of mind for a more peaceful world.

Our current priorities are to support deep healing for returning war veterans, building conflict resolution know-how and inner resilience in schools for teachers and students, and enhancing emotional awareness and fitness through Take5, our innovative global advocacy campaign for kids, parents and sports coaches.

Welcome to the IFS Community

    How effective are conventional treatments of lingering effects of trauma that result from abuse, abandonment, violence, or terrors of war?



    There is experiential evidence that IFS brings healing to those suffering from PTSD, depression, and anxiety.

    We now need to mount empirical data to expand evidence and broaden its impact--by encouraging and funding independent research studies.

    Is our harsh judgment of ourselves and others standing in our way of feeling peaceful within and building good relations with others?



    Looking at the human psyche through the IFS lens helps us become less judgmental and more compassionate.

    This is where the journey toward inner serenity and emotional wellbeing begins.

    With abundant disharmony within us and around us, there is great urgency to act...and spread the model across the globe.

    Are our families, organizations & communities trapped in conflict and dysfunctionality?



    Our own inner congruence, which we may gain through IFS, can lead to greater harmony for our group.

    Through integrative systems-thinking, IFS gives us greater awareness of our inner system and access to qualities of Self leadership.

    Let us take the IFS model to our households, neighborhoods, and places of work.

IFS, founded in the early 1980’s by Dr. Richard C. Schwartz, serves as both a psychotherapy modality & a mental paradigm

In clinical settings, practitioners and patients have seen positive outcomes using IFS to treat trauma, depression, and anxiety. This is affirmed by a recent published study showing effects of IFS in reducing depressive symptoms. IFS effectively lends itself to applications far beyond psychotherapy, including management of one’s physical health, legal mediation, school counseling, business coaching, and even peacemaking. Read more about IFS.

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