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We are inspired to bring you Ray’s progress monthly as he makes his pilgrimage from Springer Mountain, Georgia to Mount Katahdin, Maine.

June 10th | March 31st | March 9th

June 10, 2017 – Several days ago, Ray officially crossed the halfway point of his journey (Milestone Two—1,023 miles). Today, he is currently at mile 1,130 in Allentown, Pennsylvania. A few venturesome people have joined him for stretches along the trail.

With three milestones and less than half the miles remaining, Ray’s spirits are high, due to your support and the daily inner dialogues that has transpired along the trail. He reports sensing a much calmer inner system; his parts have become very collaborative and most have been gifted with their own trail names. These part’s specific trail names have dramatically reduced any stress that he at one time felt. Below is Ray’s reflection at nearing this milestone.

“Today I crossed the 1,000-mile line. As I reflect on it, this mark is not nearly as important as my progress of becoming a part of the hike and the wilderness. Hiking is an interesting way to view nature, it's like watching a movie. It was hard to feel like there was an accomplishment because I had been climbing a series of difficult mountains they call "the roller coaster." So, I have given up goals and accomplishments. I found that goals lead to suffering, whether due to the striving of or the not reaching of the goal.

I'm most in Self when I'm in the moment. My daily practice, which has come to work nicely, consists of each morning after all preparations are made and after a short meditation, I begin my trek for the day. I hike straight through, drinking and eating while hiking and stop only to filter water from streams, to take in everything that is beautiful and often to take a picture. Today, I saw my first turtle on the path and took a break to say “hello” and to take his picture.

As for my parts—As I have become more at home with the wildlife and less triggered by adversities, I am becoming more aware at how other hikers trigger me. Most of it comes from my own projections of how slow and clumsy a part sees myself. I have a part that felt shame whenever someone passed me (which happens a lot). I spent many weeks working with that part, and so, now that part has agreed to take the trail name, "Already Passed." It feels so much better now and I find I am much more-friendly with the faster hikers, having connected with Already Passed.

I guess, too, the 1000-mile mark reminds me that this experience of a lifetime is almost over. I miss it already and the thousand miles that are gone.” ~ Ray Mount

Help the Foundation meet our $22,000 goal by supporting Ray’s inner journey along the 2,200-mile trail.

Also, join Ray for a special Community Hike Fundraising Event in New Hampshire, July date to be released soon. See details in the box below.

IFS Community Hike with Ray—Fundraising Event

When: July dates to be released soon (either weekend of July 15-16 or 22-23).

Why: Experience “a-day-in-the-life” of an Appalachian Trail hiker with your IFS community, get to know more about your own parts that come up along the trail, impart moral support for Ray (and his parts), and donate to this community-member inspired fundraiser for the Foundation for Self Leadership.

What: Meet on Saturday at 10 am, hike different courses of the trail and then gather together at a central location for a BBQ and group parts process. On Sunday, hike a half-day stretch of the trail and gather with the group for process about parts and the hike. Discover your own specific “trail name” along the way. Options to tent, cabin, or B&B nearby.

Where: A portion of the Appalachian Trail to be released soon (depending upon date, somewhere in New Hampshire).

RSVP: By ASAP to Ray, at


Three ways to sponsor Ray and support the Foundation include:

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(Each option will take you to a different website to complete your gift. Please bear this in mind as you make your decision. If making a pledge, we will contact you when Ray reaches the end of the trail.)


Together, we can reach our goal with the following pledges:

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Remaining Milestones—

Milestone 3: Bear Mountain, New York: Mile 1,400 is a key milestone because at that point, my grandchildren are looking forward to joining me for a weekend on the trail.

Milestone 4: The Whites Mountains and Mount Washington: The White Mountains begin at mile 1,795 with Mount Moosilauke and ends with Mount Moriah at mile 1,885.

Milestone 5: Mount Katahdin Finish: The trail concludes at about mile 2,189.

Trail Image Mile1130sm

On March 31, 2017, Ray Mount, also known on the trail as Mountain Music, reached his first Milestone – mile marker 275. Ray reports that the word on the trail is that at this point nearly half of the planned thru-hikers have dropped out as a result of harsh conditions, body injuries, and solitude. He says that isolation in the wilderness requires one to have some comfort with being alone with one’s thoughts. For those inexperienced with tending to their inner worlds, likely firefighters jump in to backtrack on the game plan. This is where Ray will excel, compared to other hikers, as he works with his parts each step of the way. Congratulations, Ray! Your IFS community is with you!

Help the Foundation meet our $22,000 goal by supporting Ray’s inner journey along the 2,200-mile trail.

Trail Image Mile275

As of March 9, 2017, Ray has hiked in fifty miles! Thanks to your pledges in support of Ray, we have reached $1,100.

Thank you for supporting Ray and the Foundation.

We are grateful for Ray’s endeavor to support the Foundation as he supports his parts on this epic pilgrimage.

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“My Motivation Part knows I’m more likely to finish if the reasons for all this effort are beyond myself, and if I can do it in connection with others who are with me in some way.” ~ Ray Mount